You buy contacts online, we donate profits to help save the planet!

We Donate 51% of Net Profits

Helping others is the other half of our mission

While giving you great prices and service when you buy your contact lenses online is half of our mission, there is another aspect that is just as important. In fact it is 51% of our mission to be exact.

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51% of net profits donated and you choose!

We decided when we started this company that we would donate MORE of the profits to help save the planet than what we put in our own pockets. For this reason, our net profits break down like this. 51% goes to the charity or non-profit you choose (see below) and 49% stays within the company.

Of course all staff still get paid, as that is not part of our “net” but a part of our cost. But once our bills are paid (lease, supplies, shipping, salaries, etc), the money left is the “net”. It is from that amount that we donate 51%. 

we donate 51% of our contact lens profit

Every purchase helps someone

As a privately-owned company that is 100% Canadian owned and operated, we don’t “owe” any investors or outside “economic interests” any money ever. For that reason, we are free to do what we want with all of our net. We built contact lens company that way on purpose. We did it because we will never be beholden to any party who tells us who we can or cannot donate to, or any political or affiliation who tries to direct our funds. 

It is ALWAYS UP TO YOU, the customer. You always decide where our profits go and we like it what way. You are a part of something very unique and special and as a Canadian who both wants a great price and a better planet, you get that with

This Month’s Highlighted Cause

Save the Children: Children cannot save themselves believes that saving the planet can mean many different things. From lowering the pollution in our environment, to reversing climate change, helping wildlife and even working with children in our poorest communities right here in Canada. But another important aspect is how we treat others all around the world.

Save the Children is a global nonprofit organization working to improve the developing lives of children all over our planet. You see, unlike adults who have a CHOICE as to what to do about their situation (at least to some degree), children have NO CHOICE. In fact children live in extreme poverty, abuse, neglect and violence every day. It is our collective job as adults all over Canada and the world to do what we can. Buying contact lenses online with Contacts For Less is such a small act, and yet so symbolic and important at the same time. 

Children around the globe have the right to be healthy and have access to education. Not only these subjects matter, of course, and Save the Children is working very hard to make sure that children can be safe, internationally. Taking care of our children now means a better future for them, and an even better generation after. We proudly support Save the Children and everytime you buy contact lenses online Canada, we are donating more profits than we keep to help save our planet. This includes helping the children of the world.

Our hearts go out to each and every one of our customers. You are all very important in OUR IMPORTANT WORK and for that, we must say:


Full List of over 80 non-profits and charities

The following is the a full list of all the non-profit organisations and charities that you can support when you buy your contact lenses online with us. We accumulate these donations over time and then provide payments to the following important groups 1-2 times a year with these funds. The first section is the TOP 20 that our customers choose to donate our profits to. The list below is the comprehensive list of them all so that you can easily BROWSE and CLICK to learn more about each group. Thank you for being our customer and being a part of something very special and unique in this crazy world.

the entire list of non-profits

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