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Why You Need Contact Lens with UV Protection

Loving those sunny days?  Here's the problem: all that sunlight now could give you cataracts later in life. Short Term Effects Exposing your eyes to too much UV radiation for a short time just gives you a temporary "eye sunburn", called photokeratitis.  Your eyes redden, feel gritty, tear up, and are extremely sensitive to light.  Photokeratitis…
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Customer Feedback: Megan Davies

"I can't believe how quickly I received my contact lenses... Can't say enough good things." Certain prescriptions need to be ordered directly from the manufacturer, especially if they're made on demand only (notably toric XR lenses).  These can take a while to make (manufacturing time can take up to 3 weeks), and we value your…
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Customer Feedback: Huse Madhavji

"If I'm getting the best price, solid service and you're helping the planet.. Of course!" Your opinion matters to us.  We work hard to make you like us (we're friends now, right?), so it sends us all in a flurry when you really, really do! First off the service is great. I underestimated how many lenses…
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Customer Feedback: Michelle Handley

"I appreciate very much that part of your profits go towards these amazing causes." was built around the whole idea of giving away 51% of our net profits to charity.  It's thanks to our customers that we were able to make it a reality, and continue to live that dream everyday! I appreciate very…
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Focus Dailies & Frequency 55 Discontinued

You'll notice we've disabled ordering for our Focus Dailies and Frequency 55 products: Focus Dailies 30pk Focus Dailies 90pk Focus Dailies Toric 30pk Focus Dailies Toric 90pk Frequency 55 Toric Frequency 55 Toric XR Nooooo!  Why? The Focus Dailies product line has now been officially discontinued by its manufacturer, Alcon (formerly Ciba Vision).   Alcon will…
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Customer Feedback: Lillena Burton

"Love the way you keep me updated with new information and products..." We don't like spam either.  Honest.  So when we send newsletters, we send you only things we think you'll like, such as discount coupon codes, exclusive contests/ giveaways, sales/ updates on the product brands you actually use, and news about our humble company…
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Customer Feedback: Louise Gaynor

"Great customer service, great product, great prices & socially responsible." We loved this detailed testimonial from a valued customer: I have been buying my contacts online for several years but I must say that I am truly impressed by contactsforless. I need a custom contact. They processed my order quickly and I received it sooner than anticipated. Their…
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