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September Madness Sale

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Ready for some mad savings?

Save a whopping 15% only until the end of September!

Just copy and paste the coupon code below into the coupon space at checkout!

(And yes, this stacks with our ongoing site-wide sale discounts.)

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Save 15% for purchases $79 up!

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New! GEO Circle Lenses

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Introducing our newest cosmetic lenses:  GEO circle lenses from award-winning company GEO Medical.

What are circle lenses?

Circle lenses are extra-wide contact lenses that make the eye appear larger for cosmetic purposes.  While normal lenses are only tinted in the areas covering the iris, circle lenses have an extra dark tint around the outer ring of the lens.  This creates the illusion of atractively larger eyes.

Circle lenses have gained tremendous popularity in Asia. Close to a million girls in Japan, Korea and Taiwan, for instance, are now wearing circle lenses for cosmetic purposes.

Get GEO circle lenses for that gorgeous doe-eyed look.  These lenses blend 3 hues together to give you big, striking eyes that ensure everyone looks twice.

GEO lenses are currently available in bestseller colors gray, green, and brown.  More colors and powers coming soon!

Get big, beautiful eyes with GEO circle lenses now!


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How to Choose Colored Contact Lenses Online

air optix freshlook expressions

Ever wondered how you would look with different-colored eyes?  How about a mysterious gray?  Maybe a brilliant blue, or a sweet honey brown would be fun to try!  And if you’re happy with your eye color, maybe you want to jazz things up a bit by emphasizing the depth or size of your eyes.

(Psst… don’t need vision correction?  Just set the power to 0.00 when ordering and they won’t affect your vision at all!)

Colored Contact Lenses: How to Choose Them Online

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1. Do you have dark or light eyes?

Want a natural change for your dark eyes?  Try a light hazel or honey.

Looking for something more dramatic?  Bright colors like green or blue will create a striking effect, particularly if you have dark coloring.

If your eyes are light (such as green), you can try other light colors (such as gray or blue) for a natural, fun change.

For a striking change that everyone notices right away, try a warm-toned color like light brown against a cool complexion.




2. Do you want to change your eye color or enhance what’s already there?

buy colored contact lens online canada free shippingYou’ll find a spectrum of rich colors to choose from under our Colored Lenses category for when you want to change shades.

When you want to enhance the natural beauty of your own eyes, check out:

1 Day Acuvue Define comes with gorgeous designs for your iris, ranging from giving your eyes more depth (want them to drown in those bottomless pools?), making them look larger, or just emphasizing them with dramatic accents.







3. Do you prefer dailies or reusable contact lenses?

buy colored contact lenses online canada free shippingDaily contact lenses are your best bet if you plan to wear them just for special occasions.  They’re also quite low-maintenance (or no-maintenance) as you simply throw them away at the end of the day.


Two-week and monthly lenses are great for when you plan to

Two Weeks:


4. What’s new?

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Check out Air Optix Colors‘ new line of eye-catching gemstone colors:

  • Amethyst
  • True Sapphire
  • Turquoise

Preview: Also coming soon are some gorgeous doll eyes style contact lenses very popular in Asia.  Watch this space for updates!

buy colored contact lenses online canada free shipping


Q. Are your colored contact lenses safe to use?
A. All our contact lenses are sourced from major manufacturers who perform stringent quality checks and have obtained official certifications from Health Canada.

Q. Are there colored lenses for astigmatism?
A. We are sorry to say that we currently do not offer any colored lenses for astigmatism.

Q. Can I exchange used contact lenses with my friends?
A. Never do so.  Harmful bacteria can be transmitted this way, and can lead to dangerous eye-infections.

Q. Do I still need to take proper care of my colored contact lenses?
A. Yes!  Even when used at plano (0.00 power) for cosmetic purposes, contact lenses are still medical devices that are placed directly on your eyes.  Use proper procedures such as keeping your non-daily lenses in sterile solution in contact lens cases, and wash your hands carefully before putting them on.



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Civic Day 2018: How to Claim Your Free Gift

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We’ve got presents for you this civic holiday–yes, we do!

From August 5 – 7, get a FREE lens care accessory for every eligible purchase amount.  Only while supplies last!

Click here for the infographic instead (Pretty pictures, yay!)

FREE GIFT#1: Systane Ultra Hydration Eye Drops with total purchase $99+


  1. Add Systane Ultra Hydration to your cart
  2. Reach $99+ total purchase amount
  3. Use code FREESYS at checkout to get your Systane eye drops free!


FREE GIFT #2: Opti-Free PureMoist Multi-Purpose Solution 60ml with total purchase $49+


  1. Add Opti-Free PureMoist Multi-Purpose Solution 60ml to your cart
  2. Reach $49+ total purchase amount
  3. Use code FREEOPTI at checkout to get your Opti-Free solution 60ml free!


FREE GIFT #3: Bausch & Lomb Sight Savers Contact Lens Case with total purchase $29+

  1. Add Bausch & Lomb Sight Savers Contact Lens Case to your cart
  2. Reach $29+ total purchase amount
  3. Use code FREECASE at checkout to get your  contact lens case free!




Want an extra freebie?  Here’s a free tip for you while you’re claiming your gift–just reach $90+ at checkout to be eligible for free shipping (no coupon required)!

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Lens Care Accessories Now Available

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Going traveling this summer, or just need some quick lens care for everyday?  We’ve got you covered.

Check out our new Lens Care section and get our new lens care accessories (at low introductory prices for a limited time!):

  • Eye Drops: Eyes feeling dry? Add a drop of soothing moisture for clear, bright eyes.
  • Contact Lens Solution: Keep your contacts sterile and hydrated in their case with our selection of contact lens solutions.
  • Contact Lens Cases: Eye doctors advise changing your lens case every 1 – 3 months for hygienic purposes. Get the Bausch & Lomb clinic-grade case in a value pack!

Shop now!

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$500 Cash Contest Winner July 2018

contest giveaway free

Thank you to everyone who entered our contest and made it such a success!

Drumroll, please… Our contest winner of the free $500 in cash (drawn from entries submitted April – June 2018) is:

Congratulations to Penny  Routledge of British Columbia!

Want more chances chance to win with just a few clicks? No purchase required! Our next contest drawing is on October 1, 2018.

Yes, I want a chance to win $500 cash!