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Who We Are at Contactsforless.ca

Contactsforless.ca Started With a Vision for a Better World


The idea for Contactsforless.ca was first born in 2010 when Paul W. Slusher and Dr. Sureen Bachra decided there was a better way to run a company. Their idea was simple. Sell contact lenses online to all of Canada at the cheapest and best prices, and always DONATE MORE MONEY than the company nets in total profit. An innovative idea for sure. But could it work?



In 2013 Contactsforless.ca did its first “beta test” with the public, but it wasn’t until 2014 until the website was up full-time. Since the owners didn’t have millions of dollars in investment capital or “deep pocket” investors, they had to build the company from scratch. So that is exactly what they did. The founders stretched every personal dollar they had to realize this vision.

Today, our humble Canadian online company has grown and grown and as a result we are donating more money than ever!



Since 2015, Contactsforless.ca has grown over 2,300%. This is no joke! We are indeed the fastest growing online contact lens company in this great nation we call Canada. Not only that, we are the ONLY company that we are aware of in the entire country that pledges to donate 51% or more of its net profits to help save the planet. For this reason, we are your #1 best website for buying your contact lenses online. This is why we are growing so fast even though we have NEVER HAD INVESTORS or anyone who seeks to profit off of our success. We were organically grown on a shoestring budget by good people who sought to build an advanced, special type of company.

Here is a recent video that our Director and CEO Paul W. Slusher released. In it, he discusses our amazing growth and how important our loyal customers are to this process.



When you buy contacts online with us, you empower change!

As our founders and our entire amazing team of dedicated go into the future, our main goals are:

    1. To Grow Contactsforless.ca into becoming the TOP and BIGGEST online contact lens seller in Canada
    2. And Evenually raise MILLIONS OF DOLLARS PER YEAR for important causes all over the world.
    3. To Serve as the best example of how a company can both be PROFITABLE and GIVE MUCH MORE that what is considered “standard giving” by the mega-corporations. We believe we can show a better way. This isn’t about a “tax” or even a “rule”. It is about doing the right thing because it IS THE RIGHT THING. 

It’s pretty simple. We appreciate your support and your interest in our amazing company. We are not shy about calling ourselves amazing. 90% of the staff are women and many are first generation Canadians. We support our staff as if they were family and they in turn support us. They do so because they believe in the same values we do. Ethical conduct, give back more than you take and leave the planet in a better place than how you entered it.

To learn more about who we donate our funds to, please visit our Non Profit Page.

To learn more about how we are the #1 highest Google Customer Rated contact lens site in Canada, please visit our Google Review Page.

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Corporate Offices can be reached by writing to:
The Contactsforless Retail Corporation
108 – 12388 Pattullo Place
Surrey, BC  V3V 8C3
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