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1 Year Returns

Our Return Policy

We’re all about saving the planet, but we’re also about saving you money!

If you accidentally order the wrong thing, or your prescription changes, or say, a penguin demands that you get a different color of contacts (the reason really doesn’t matter), you can breathe a sigh of relief.

1-Year Return Guarantee

Our 1-Year Return Guarantee means that you can return contact lenses* to us anytime during the year after your purchase, for your full cash back!
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*The contact lenses just have to be:

(a.k.a. in original condition with sealed packaging)

*This does not include:

× Custom order lenses (learn more)
× Opened 90-packs (Even if the boxes inside it are unopened.  When the manufacturer printed ‘NOT FOR RESALE‘ on the boxes inside, they meant it for us, too.  Sorry, guys.)
× Eye drops, contact lens solution, and contact lens cases.  To ensure that the lens care products that we sell you are always sterile and unused, we do not accept returns for these items.
× Partial returns of Air Optix Rainbow Pack (3 x 2pk). This product counts as 1 item, so the return has to include all 3 packs.

contacts for less online canada Please Note:
Returns of opened boxes, inner boxes from opened 90-packs, custom orders, and lens care products will not be refunded.  Moreover, the return shipping for such non-refundable items will be billed to the customer.

How To Return Your Contacts

  1. Fill out this form.
  2. We will email you (at the email address you enter in the form) within 1 – 2 business days the details needed for a free return.
  3. Ship it back to us for free!
  4. We’ll let you know when we receive your package.  Once we receive it and check that everything is in order, we’ll give you a full cash refund!


Think You Have A Defective Contact Lens?

Check out our page on contact lens issues.

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