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We here at ContactsforLess.ca STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT EACH AND EVERY CUSTOMER seek the advice of a licensed Optometrist to receive a proper contact lens fitting BEFORE buying any contact lenses online. We do NOT RECOMMEND that you “try out” or “test” contact lenses by buying them online. This is both unsafe, a potential waste of money and can potentially cause damage to your eye. Always seek the advice of an eyecare professional before using any contact lens products.

How is Contactsforless.ca different than the other online contact lens sellers in Canada?


We are very different. So different that once you order from us, you will never go back to the mega-huge corporations who make millions of dollars in profit off of you!

  • We are among the cheapest websites in Canada
  • 51% of our net profits goes to the non-profit that YOU choose
  • We donate OUR money, not YOUR money.
  • We spend a great deal of our money on educating the public on key global issues.
  • We are 100% dedicated to giving you the best customer service possible.
  • We even have an EXPRESS SHIPPING GUARANTEE. No one does this. No one!
  • We provide FREE SHIPPING on all orders of $90 or more
  • Plus – if you receive our Email Newsletters, we give out huge discounts with our coupon codes all the time. Subscribe today and see what we men!



What about Shipping? Shipping times? Cost? Other details please?



Our Shipping details are below:

We always ship any products that we receive or have in stock the VERY SAME DAY. However, please note that processing times can vary depending on the product. Sometimes your exact product is not “in stock” and we must have it air couriered to us from the manufacturer. A “Business Day” is defined as a weekday (Monday through Friday) that is also not a federal or provincial (statutory or “Stat”) holiday.


* We guarantee that your product will be shipped within 7 business days from the date of the order OR we will EXPRESS SHIP THE PRODUCT TO YOU FOR FREE. This means we will immediately REFUND you the cost of your express shipping and still send your product via EXPRESS SHIPPING. If you did not qualify for free shipping by purchasing at least $90 of products in your order, then we will refund the difference between Express Shipping ($12.99) and Standard Shipping ($7.99) which is refund of $5.00. Also please note that a “Business Day” is defined as a weekday (Monday through Friday) that is also not a federal or provincial (statutory or “Stat”) holiday.

Need a “Signature Required”? Just tell us in your order notes!

Method of Shipment Cost Estimated Delivery Time
(*Please add 2-5 Business Days Processing Time)
Free Standard Shipping
(Orders $90 and over)
FREE 3-9 business days*
Standard Shipping
(Orders UNDER $90)
$7.99 3-9 business days*
Express Shipping
(Canada Post)
$12.99 2-3 business days*


Standard Shipping = Canada Post Expedited
Express Shipping = Canada Post Xpress Post

Do you ship to the U.S.A.?

We currently do not.  Sorry!  Shipping contact lenses across the border requires a special license (as they are considered a medical device) which we’re still working on.

Why did I not get a confirmation/ tracking email from you?

If you are using Hotmail/ Live/ Outlook/ MSN as your email provider, please check your Junk folder for our emails!  Please add orders@contactsforless.ca and contact@contactsforless.ca to your address book for our emails to reach your inbox.




Please know that these specialty lenses can take a bit longer, due to the fact that they are rarely “in stock”. These types of products can often be “backordered” or be in the process of being manufactured. We will ALWAYS tell you what is going on with your order. ALWAYS!

Important: Please note that all XR lenses, Proclear Multifocal Toric, and Optima Toric are made to order especially to fit your eyes.  The estimated time for manufacturing and shipping them to us from Ireland/ UK is 3 – 6 weeks.  Rest assured that we ship out your product the same day we receive it.

To learn more about our 60 Day Return & Terms/Conditions, please click here.

2-5 Days for Processing may be applied to your shipping times but can vary with every order.

Questions? Call us at 1-855-909-2772 or email us at contact@contactsforless.ca. We are always happy to answer your questions.

*All shipping times are estimates and can vary for many reasons including (1) time of year (2) weather in Canada (3) type of lens you have ordered. Some contact lenses are rarely ordered and therefore are not always ‘in stock’ and therefore an additional 2-5 days may be required to have the lenses produced and/or shipped to us from the manufacturer. Signatures for packages are not required. However, you can request to have your package signed upon delivery by leaving a note at checkout. You MUST have a safe and secure location where your package or a delivery notice can be securely left for you.

We also recommend requesting a signature on delivery if you are concerned about the package otherwise being left in a location subject to extreme temperatures (such as freezing cold mailboxes in winter).  (Simply say ‘signature required’ in the customer note when ordering.)

If your product is stolen or lost in transit, we will always do everything we can to assist you. We are always here to help and to make sure your ordering and receiving is as smooth and as fast as possible. However please note that Contactsforless.ca is NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR INADEQUATE MAIL DELIVERY OPTIONS and is NOT LIABLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN PACKAGES. If your package cannot be delivered due to the customer not having a safe and secure mail box or mail facility, we will not replace the shipment or refund the payment. Any failures to deliver result in an investigation being filed with Canada Post and can result in at least 20 days before a resolution is determined.



Is my purchase guaranteed? Can I return an order if I need to?



Yes on both fronts.

All of our sales are 100% guaranteed. We guarantee that we will have your order 100% right or we will make it right as soon as possible.

We have a very friendly policy of “Return within 60 Days – No Questions Asked”. For more information on our return policy, please Click Here.



If I have a question about my order, how do I check my account?  How do I contact ContactsForLess.ca?



To check your account, simply Click Here and you will be directed to the “My Account” page.

To contact us, you have many options: Phone, Email and by regular mail.  Please Click Here to be directed to our “Contact Us” page.



I cannot find a certain product.  Has it been discontinued?


Check out our blog post on discontinued products here.



What type of Organizations are available to donate the company’s profits to?



There are over 50 non-profits and charities in our system as of now and we add new non-profits several times a year.

If you would like to suggest an organization or know of a worthy group that should be linked here at ContactsForLess.ca, then please Contact Us and tell us all about it.

Here are the nine different categories of organizations.  To see the ENTIRE list, please Click Here to learn more.

  • Child Welfare
  • Civil Rights & Democracy
  • Environmental
  • First Nations
  • Groups Working in Canada
  • Human Rights
  • Pet & Animal Welfare
  • Population & Family Planning
  • Relief Organizations

If you wish to learn more about how we donate our profits to the organization that you choose, please click here.

…and remember….

We donate Our Profits AND No hidden fees!

This means you still get amazingly great prices on your contact lenses!  Up to 70% off prices you would pay “over the counter” and some of our prices are the best around!

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