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We donate profits from Contact lenses in CanadaBiotrue, Bausch & Lomb’s Newest Product

Biotrue is the newest line and the most advanced product to come from Bausch & Lomb, with more to come in the next few years. In fact there are plans to add more versions of this product and for good reason. This product is the top quality product from B & L and is quite popular here at Contactsforless. So Canada, when you are buying Biotrue online, make sure to get all your contact lenses with us. Why you ask?

We have the best prices, the best service and by far the coolest website in all of Canada. Not only do we give away 51% of our profits to the charity or non-profit that you choose, but we let you choose where the money goes. That means we are the first in the world to do that. We are talking first in the WORLD. Amazing huh?

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