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The idea for Contactsforless.ca was first born in 2010 when Paul W. Slusher and Dr. Sureen Bachra decided there was a better way to run a company. Their idea was simple. Sell contact lenses online to all of Canada at the cheapest and best prices, and always DONATE MORE MONEY than the company nets in total profit. An innovative idea for sure. But could it work? Could a company be founded on the idea of donating 51% of all net profits to help save our planet?

Contacts For Less

Spreading the work takes time and effort

Way back in 2013, when our first “beta-test” took place, we had not idea the task before us. What we learned over the many years is that it takes serious work to communicate to contact lens buyers that there IS A BETTER WAY TO BUY CONTACT LENSES. Despite the obstacles we faced, we persevered and have since grown over 3,600% since those early days.

Now we literally have tens of thousands of customers who get it. Who understand that they can both:

  1. Get the best price and customer service when buying contact lenses online in Canada AND
  2. Also direct 51% of our net profits to the global or local cause that they care most about.

It is like we have said from the beginning, when you buy contacts with us, you truly are able to SAVE MONEY AND THE PLANET AT THE SAME TIME!

When you buy with us, you send a message

Today, our humble company, 100% Canadian owned and operated by a couple of super cool people in British Columbia, is now a major entity in the contact lens market. In fact, we are told by “insiders” that the “Big Corporate Giants” (sometimes owned by foreign companies and/or private owners) are rather nervous about us. 

It is interesting to consider. How can these massive, million dollar corporations compete with a company that donates 51% of all net profits? The certainly can’t compete by giving nothing (like almost all of them do), nor can they compete by donating a tiny fraction of their profits, which only one or two do. In fact when they focus exclusively on making money off of you, they are sending a message too about who they are. To them, clearly money is more important than the planet. However we think differently. Very, very differently.

51% of all net profits is a pretty tall mountain to climb, for the "other guys" would rather make millions of dollars in profit than help the planet.

But it makes sense doesn’t it that the other companies would be so focused on money and profits? That is why they exist, why they created their companies in the first place.

Not so with Contactsforless.ca. We built our company so that we could raise money and awareness, to help save others, children, the environment, wildlife, families and more. THAT IS WHY WE EXIST ACTUALLY.

From our point of view, there isn’t much they can say or do, unless they eventually just copy what we are doing. Either that or perhaps they can just hope that you don’t visit our site and don’t get the message. 

However from the looks of things, it looks like we are winning that battle. We are the fastest growing contact lens company in Canada since 2013 and there is a reason. There is NO OTHER COMPANY quite like Contactsforless.ca.

A message from our CEO about buying and wearing contacts

Paul W. Slusher, Founder and CEO, believes strongly in the idea that we do this right. Every part of what we do is designed to HELP YOU get the product you need, SAVE you money and SAVE our planet. 

But perhaps just as important is HOW YOU WEAR CONTACT LENSES. Please watch the video below and learn a ton of information on who to buy from, how to buy and how to get a “contact lens fitting”. 


When you buy contacts online with us, you empower change!

As we have said above, our founders and our entire amazing team of dedicated staff member are dedicated to doing the following:

It’s pretty simple. We appreciate your support and your interest in our amazing company. We are not shy about calling ourselves amazing. 90% of the staff are women and many are first generation Canadians. We support our staff as if they were family and they in turn support us. They do so because they believe in the same values we do. Ethical conduct, give back more than you take and leave the planet in a better place than how you entered it.

To learn more about who we donate our funds to, please visit our Non Profit Page.

To learn more about how we are the #1 highest Google Customer Rated contact lens site in Canada, please visit our Google Review Page.

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