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Online Contact Lenses for Canada by a Canadian company!

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Save money buying contacts online with and in doing so, you are buying from a company focused on ONLY providing online contact lenses and contact lens related accessories. That means we are really good at doing what we do!

COMPANY-WIDE we are DEDICATED to our two-fold mission:

  1. to SAVE YOU MONEY on all the main contact lens brands when you buy online with us
  2. to DONATE 51% of our NET PROFITS to the charity or non-profit that YOU choose

It’s pretty simple really, and yet brilliant. If every company in the world did what we are doing, we would raise billions of dollars to help save our wonderful planet, feed children, repair ecosystems, save wildlife, and more! We THANK YOU for shopping with us here at


We Carry All Major Brands of Contactscontacts for less online canada

From Acuvue and Air Optix, to Biofinity and the ever-popular Dailies Total 1 and Dailies Aquacomfort Plus lenses – we carry online all the major contact lens brands! We only sell to Canada and we only sell OFFICIAL manufacturer-direct contact lens products. We only stock and sell NEW inventory that is not (as with some of our competitors) expired or near-expired lenses, “grey market” and even unofficial imported lenses coming from less regulated production regions.

We are a company founded on ethics and a grand mission. For that reason, you can always trust that will treat you fairly, help you when you need it, and provide the best service and prices in Canada.


Shipping Across Canada With Either FedEx or Canada Post ships huge volumes of contact lenses daily across all of Canada at the lowest prices possible. We are the very first online website in Canada or the world to give you such great prices, great service and we give away 51% of our profits to the non-profit that you choose. That is why we are the fastest growing contact lens company in Canada, because we are #1 with Canadian contact lens buyers. FedEx is fast and Canada post is reliable (especially with the Canada Post locked delivery boxes that many of us have in our neighborhoods). You choose what work best for you. Canada – we are here to serve YOU and give you the best customer service possible.

Do You Want FREE Shipping Anywhere in Canada?

Simply purchase more than $149 and you automatically get that free shipping, to any city or town in Canada! See our Shipping Chart below:

Shipping MethodCostsTotal Delivery Time
with purchase of $149+
FREE3-9 business days*
with purchase of $250+
FREE2-4 business days*
Standard Canada Post Shipping$7.993-9 business days*
Express Canada Post Shipping$10.992-4 business days*
FedEx Shipping$15.992-3 business days – NO PO Boxes*

*Please include 2-5 business days for processing your order before adding to shipping time.
*All shipping times can also be affected by your location in Canada, seasonal weather and other factors not under our control.

To learn more about shipping, please visit our Shipping FAQs.

The Only Online Contact Lens Company in the World to…

We sell contacts online and donate profits too

DONATE 51% of its net profits to the non-profit that YOU choose.  That means YOU SAVE and WE GIVE.

Our humble online contact lens company gives away our profits to over 60 organizations and charities who do incredible work to save the environment, protect, feed and educate children, protect journalists, empower women and girls worldwide, and so much more. See the Full List of Non Profits.

100% Canadian Owned and Operated, we are the fastest growing online contact lens company in North America. Why? Because we represent the future of how things should be done. We help you and we give back because it is the only way we as a planet can accomplish change. Save our planet today with us and buy your contact lenses, pick your favorite non-profit and there you are, a steward of our wonderful planet.

Does anyone give like we do? NO!

If every single company gave away 51% of its profits to help save the planet, then overnight our world would change. Overnight we would not see world hunger, war, division, oppression and suffering. We would restore our natural environment and our air, water and lives would improve.

If only other companies did what we are doing. Of course no one is doing what we are doing and this is why we are here and why we are the fastest growing online seller of contact lenses in all of Canada.


It is that profound. When you buy with us at, you are VOTING with your dollar and you are voting for the future, for saving lives, for protecting the planet. You are standing up – and it is as easy as buying contact lenses online! Not everyone does business like we do. For example, try asking any of our competitors if they donate 51% of their net profits. They will only change the subject. As a result, you should only be buying online with us here at “Contacts For Less”, which is often how people google us when trying to find us online. 🙂

So we just have to ask? …why Buy Contact Lenses Anywhere Else?

When you buy with you are…

    • helping us donate 51% of our profits to the organization that you choose
    • receiving some of the lowest prices on all the top brands
    • being provided with hands-on service if you ever need anything.
    • In short…We are a totally different type of company…period.

Canadians care about saving money but we are also some of the most compassionate and giving people on Earth. Where else would the first, great website emerge that raises millions of dollars (someday) to help the planet and to help people? Where else but Canada!

Always Ethical, Always Honest…

There are many online contact lens companies doing various practices to give you “low prices” and we think some of those practices are not the “Canadian” way of doing things. For this reason you can be sure that we:

    • Always provide authentic online products that are provided to us by manufacturers here in Canada
    • Always make sure our products are valid and are NOT expired products
    • Always ensure you have the highest quality product
    • We never sneak unnecessary extra fees into the final price
    • We keep our shipping costs and the cost of our products AS LOW AS POSSIBLE just for you