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Are You An Authorized Retailer?

Q. Is ContactsForLess an authorized retailer of contact lenses?  Where do you get your contact lenses?

A. Yes!  ContactsForLess is proud to be among the few online retailers authorized for all four major manufacturers.  We get our contact lenses directly from the manufacturers here in North America.

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You can call the following numbers to verify the status of as an official distributor:

Q. Why does it matter if I buy my lenses from an authorized retailer?

A. Buying contact lenses from an authorized retailer means that your lenses passed through strict materials inspection, performance testing, and packaging inspection. The danger in lenses purchased from unauthorized retailers is that with unknown sources, the lenses could be:

    • Counterfeit
    • Stolen
    • Mishandled
    • Expired (or close to expiring)
    • Damaged

Make sure you’re using genuine quality products!  Your eyes and vision are worth it. You see, believe it or not, there are people out there who care more about money than they do the quality of your experience as an online contact lens customer. Sadly, that is more the norm than the exception.

Here at, we think differently

We are all about YOUR experience. That is why we donate OUR profits, not your money. That is why we protect your order for up to a year and that is why we give you the best prices and the best service. When you buy your contact lenses online Canada, you should be shopping with the best, the one Canadian company that will treat you like family. It is how we would want to be treated.

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