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Price Protection & Price Matching

Q. Do you offer price protection?buy contact lenses online canada

A. Yes, we do! If our price goes down within 30 days of your purchase, just reach out to us.  If the promotion is applicable to your purchase, we’ll retroactively adjust the price that you paid and refund you the difference.  The total price at checkout will be the basis for adjustment.

Q. Do you do price matching with other websites?

A. Unfortunately, we do not. We’re proud to be among the lowest-priced official retailers for all four major contact lens manufacturers here in North America. It’s not always possible for us to match the prices of some other online retailers, as some do obtain their products through unsanctioned channels.

(Learn more here about official retailers and why it matters)

(Check out our price comparison table.  It’s got prices and everything!  In a table!)


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