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$1,000 Contest Winner: January 2019

Chris Finn of Victoria, BC Is The Big Contest Winner!

Contactsforless Contest Winner 2019On January 6, 2019, we were able to confirm that our new $1,000 Free Contact Lens Contest Winner is Chris Finn of Victoria. It was a joyous day for us, because we love giving away $1,000 in free contact lenses to one lucky customer (or non customer – there is no purchase necessary to enter)! What was even cooler was that Chris seemed stoked too!

Chris wrote to us:

“This has absolutely made my day.  I’ll schedule an optometrist appointment and place an order as soon as possible.  Happy New Year to you and your staff.”

We have to admit, it is also very inspiring that Chris is going to actually go to an Optometrist (as everyone should). If you wish to enter our amazing contest, the next winner will be announced on July 1, 2019! Click here to enter and if you use Twitter, you can re-enter every single day!

…and remember that the next winner will also win $1,000 in free contact lenses. We do this every 6 months you know! Don’t forget to enter right now. Heck, you might even win.


Please check out our amazing Google Customer rating, click here.

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10 Day Sale 2017

Save money on contact lenses in canada

Save up to $50 right now!

See below for some amazing savings. Yes – perhaps the very last time we ever release these codes.

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Customer Feedback: Queenie Chan

“Excellent customer service, fast delivery and 100% genuine products.”

We deeply care what you think about us. (No, really, we’re those guys who keep going, “Are we best friends now?”) So as you can imagine, we got very excited when we got some lovely customer feedback the other day.

We’ve been on-going customers for Contacts for Less for 3 years now and I can’t imagine trusting my online order with any other online companies. Excellent customer service, fast delivery and 100% genuine products.

I love the coupons that they send to me through their newsletter and their dedication on giving back to the community.

Highly recommend this company to all my friends and family!

Larry and Queenie

— Customer feedback from Queenie Chan of Toronto, Ontario

Here at Contacts for Less, we believe in giving back to the community as much as we can.  This is why we love our customers (but only in a non-creepy way, we promise).  You are the reason we can continue giving the way we do.

We also love customer feedback. It lets us know what you think we’re doing right (so we can keep doing it!), and where we can improve to serve you better.

Here’s how you save money AND our planet when you shop at

  • Save 70% or more on our low, low prices on 100% genuine products. Plus free shipping for orders of $100 up!
  • Choose a charity from our list of over 50, and we’ll send them a whopping 51% of the net profits from every dollar you spend!

Love what we’re doing?  Hate our faces?  (This would make us cry, but that’s ok.)  Got ideas on how we can improve?  Try us out and let us know what you think here at  Did we mention that we love customer feedback?