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Boxing Week Sale 2019

17% Off Right Now During Our


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Our Boxing Week Sale is not only awesome, but it runs all week! Save 17% on any online contact lens product we sell. That even applies to our contact lens “Value Packs” and even contact lens accessories. See below for the specifics on this super-cool online contact lens sale, for Canada, by Canada, serving Canadians both young and old, established or new. Canada is a great nation it is our pleasure to serve you.

Contact lens coupon code details:

Use the coupon code Boxing17 between NOW and December 27th, 2019. When you do, you will receive 17% off (obviously!) and you also get to sleep well at night knowing that 51% of all net profits goes to the charity or non-profit that YOU choose. That’s right. As we love to say: SAVE MONEY ON CONTACTS – SAVE THE PLANET!

This Boxing Week offer is valid until December 27 – and after that – no more big sales for a while folks. Take advantage of this really good one!

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Please visit our COUPONS, SPECIALS AND SALES page. We even have FREE SHIPPING on many orders, plus other coupons to know about for future use.

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We seek to make 100% of our customers happy, 100% of the time. Our Google Customer Rating (96%) is the best is Canada.

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Highest Rated Contact Lens Site in Canada

buy coloured contact lenses online canada free shipping Rated #1 Best By Customers

Being rated #1 by the customers is a big deal. This is true anywhere, but especially here in Canada. Our online contact lens competitors have millions of dollars to spend to “win” your business, to run online advertisements and to make sure you only think of them. Despite all their money, we still come up ranked #1 best in terms of Google Online Customer Rankings.

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How Do We Do It?

We keep being #1 Ranked in Canada by simply doing the basics better! We have awesome customer service – as you can tell from our online reviews. We have an awesome team who really do care about your order and your happiness. And of course we some of the lowest prices on contact lenses anywhere in Canada. Add that up and the sum or our parts is that we are an awesome company to know, to buy from and to support.

Coupons and Donations!

But on top of being awesome in those previously mentioned ways, we are also awesome in other ways. We DONATE 51% OF OUR NET PROFITS to the non-profit that you choose. No one does that in Canada, period. Click Here to see our non-profit list.

But there is more! We also give out super hefty coupon codes to our loyal customers in our online newsletter, nearly all the time. There is always some deal going on. So when you buy contact lenses online in Canada, make sure to buy them from the #1 best site in Canada. The only site to do all of this for you and for the planet!