We donate profits from Contact lenses in CanadaBiomedics Contact Lenses: A Well Known Standard from Coopervision

Biomedics contact lenses offers all the comfort and durability you’d expect from your daily or monthly lenses, and are made by leading manufacturer CooperVision. In fact Coopervision is one of the prolific and well-known producers of contact lenses for Canada and the world.

Biomedics lenses are so trusted that even various opticians other sellers are happy to put their own name on the box (White Label).  One of the more popular brands that is actually the exact same product as Biomedics is Clearsight contact lenses. So, perhaps the in-house brand you currently buy from another less reputable seller of contact lenses is actually selling you Biomedics but you wouldn’t know it. We always recommend that you check with your Optometrist to make sure you know what contact lenses you are buying.

Plus, when you buy your contact lenses online with us you get free shipping on all orders of $100 or more, and we give away 51% of our profits to help save the planet. Of course we also provide the best prices on Contact lenses and great service from our amazing team!

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