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Spring Sale is HUGE This Year!

Don’t Miss Our Spring Sale!


You see at, we are all about being CONTACTS for LESS. Of course we still give away 51% of our net profits (the ONLY company in Canada to do so), and of course we also have the highest Customer Google Rating of all contact lens websites in Canada! Yes, this is all true, we admit it.

But first and foremost we also want to SAVE YOU MONEY on contact lenses. This Spring Sale may be the very best sale we have had all year so far!

Enjoy and thank you for being our customer! We so appreciate each and every one of you!

Minimum purchase is only $79, please only one coupon per order. Coupon codes to not apply to our “Value Packs”, since our value packs are already super, super low! That’s logical isn’t it?


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How to buy contact lenses online in Canada

You can buy your contacts online Canada

Buying contact lenses online in Canada is not as easy-breezy as some would like to think.

There are issues to be concerned about when buying contacts online. Such as “Grey Market” (overseas market) importers selling unauthorized products, there is the issue of “fit” and “shape” of the lens. There are issues related to the health of your eye and even concerns about how to NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

Here is our Owner & CEO, Paul W. Slusher – back by popular demand. This video pretty much hits all the main concerns you will have about buying contact lenses online, here in Canada or anywhere else really.