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Contact Lens Customer Calls Us “Trustworthy Company”

buy colored contact lenses online canada free shipping

Trustworthy is a high compliment but…

“Trustworthy” says it all doesn’t it. We love it but we love it even more when Lucey says “Why go anywhere else?” Oh do we agree!!

“Excellent prices for great contact lenses. Quick delivery. Very trustworthy company that gives back to the community. Why go elsewhere?”

– Lucey of Alberta

Trustworthy is a central theme to us

Contact lens buying, particularly online is uncertain. What quality of contact lens product? Is the expiration very close to the time I purchase online? So many questions. We work hard every single day to makes sure you get the right contact lens product, of the highest quality and yes – these are new contact lenses – no old stock of contacts for our customers!

Of course it is not lost on YOU that we give 51% of our net profits to the charity or non-profit that YOU choose. That makes us so much more than just a Canadian online contact lens website!

Read more of our amazing customers reviews – we get a ton of emails like this. You would be amazed!

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Contact Lens Ordering “amazingly easy”

customer feedback for

We make it easy for yet another Canadian contact lens customer:

“This is amazingly easy to order from and the delivery was more than I expected would definitely refer contacts for less to any of my family and friends that wear contacts.”

— Iris Robinson of Alberta

We Care More for our Contact Lens Customers!

Thank you Iris and yes we do try to make it easy – easy in every single way possible. From saving money on contact lenses to helping save the planet to ordering and even to returning contact lens products when that becomes necessary. Comments like this remind us of a few things. First – that even though we selling contact lenses to help save the planet, we are still offering a service. We need to get that contact lens SERVICE right every time, and it is more than just a motto. We actually DO TRY HARDER for you.

Thank you for being our customer and thank you everyone in Canada – because in the end, we are 100% Canadian, through and through. We are here to serve our world but first and foremost we are here to serve you Canada!

To read more of our Canadian contact lens customers, please visit our Testimonial Blogs

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Boxing Day Sale 2017

Boxing Day to New Year’s Sale

Get connected to the best sale of the year. Every single product on the website is on sale for every Canadian. 10% may not seem like much, but please remember that our prices are already among the very lowest in the nation. When you then take an additional 10% off those great prices – you get the absolute lowest prices, PERIOD!


Receive 10% off any contact lens purchase
Just use the coupon code (during checkout):



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10 Day Sale 2017

Save money on contact lenses in canada

Save up to $50 right now!

See below for some amazing savings. Yes – perhaps the very last time we ever release these codes.

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August 23 2017 Podcast: Prisons – Helping or Just Making More Violence?

Paul W. Slusher Podcast Canada

Podcast: Earth We Can Do This

Listen or Watch Paul W. Slusher and our brand new podcast. See below for both options!

In this, the first podcast of Earth We Can Do This, Paul discusses prisons and how they are doing far more damage than previously thought. Facts matter and Paul presents a ton of statistics and information, but more than that – Paul presents a way forward. How are we going to reform our prisons? What is needed to ensure that most prisoners and offenders move forward as productive and loving citizens? Earth, we can do this. We can make prisons more intelligent and more effective. Check it out!

To subscribe to our podcast, look for it on ITunes, Google Play, and all the rest! We will release a new podcast every two weeks – each time on a very important subject!

Audio Version:

Video Version:

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Back To School Coupons For Everyone!

Back to school contact lens special

We have a special coupon code just for BACK TO SCHOOL.

Use the code BACKTOSCHOOL20 and you get:

$20 off + free shipping


Simply use the code:

BACKTOSCHOOL20 is the best site in Canada for so many reasons. We save you money, provide great service and 51% of all net profits is donated to the non profit that YOU choose.

And did you enter our $500 contest? If not – you should do it right now. That is $500 in free cash. Winner selected October 1, 2017.

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Buying Contact Lenses Online

Paul W. Slusher Gives Advice on Contact Lenses

Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Contacts Online

Our CEO and Founder, Paul W. Slusher, has tons of information for all of you who buy your contacts online. He talks about how you can save money and time by not making costly mistakes. He talks about importers and contact lenses that may damage your eye.

Take Paul’s Advice

We recommend that all contact lens wearers watch this video. It is very informative and may even prevent you from doing serious damage to your vision and to the surface of your eye. Have a question? Then simply go to our Contact Us Page and let us know. We love to hear from our customers all over Canada.