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Acuvue 2

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Acuvue 2 Contact Lenses Information

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ACUVUE 2 contact lenses from Johnson & Johnson are designed to be worn as a two-week daily wear lens if you take the lenses out each night or as a one-week continuous wear lens if you want to sleep in them for up to 6 nights.

  • Excellent vision. 7 out of 20 people who wear Acuvue 2 get better than 20/20 vision
  • They are easy to put on and take out of your eye
  • They are exceptionally comfortable
  • UVA and UVB blocking to help protect portions of your eyes
  • Visibility tint (on clear lenses) so your lenses are easy to see and handle
  • The 123 inside-out mark (on clear lenses) so you will insert your lenses correctly

We donate our profits when selling contact lensesAcuvue Contact Lenses

Acuvue 2 have a blue surface tint, making them easy to see in the pack or on your fingertip. Ultra-thin, they also bear an inverse marker so if you see the numbers ‘123’ reversed, you know you have the lens inside out. They consist of 58% water and offer a high level of oxygen permeability, allowing up to 88% of available oxygen to reach the open eye, keeping it moist and comfortable throughout the period of wear. The lens diameter is 14.0 mm, with a choice of 8.3 mm or 8.7 mm base curves.

Acuvue 2 contact lenses offer both UV-A and UV-B protection are offered by Acuvue 2 contact lenses, reducing b 88% to 99% the amount of harmful radiation reaching the eye, and are available in powers ranging from +8.00 to -12.00.

Acuvue 2

material / h20 content etafilcon a / 58.00%
oxygen transmissibility 25.5 dk/t (at -3.00d)
base curve 8.3, 8.7
diameter 14.0
sphere power 8.3/14.0
-0.50D to -12.00D
+0.50D to +8.00D
(in 0.50D steps above -6.00D)
-0.50D to -12.00D
+0.50D to +8.00D
(in 0.50D steps above ±6.00D)
center thickness 0.084 @ -3.00d
features visibility tint, UV blocking
packaging 1 box of 6 lenses
wearing schedule daily wear or
extended wear*
replacement schedule 1 week extended wear or
2 weeks daily wear


*Please follow your optometrist’s instructions on how long you personally can wear contacts without removing them.

We have a 1-year return policy for this product if the box is unopened and undamaged. Check out our return policy here.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    victoria moir

    I wear these contact lenses for days at a time (Sorry, Dr. Chen) and they still feel great. They are tough and don’t dry out unless oyu wear them for days! lol. I highly recommend them

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