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Understanding Your Cart

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Wondering why your cart looks the way it does?

1. Your cart

Here’s what your cart layout looks like.

2. Product Header

This tells you:

  • The product line ordered
  • The prescription you put in for this product (this is a great time to double-check that it’s correct!  If it’s wrong, please delete it and reorder as you cannot edit it in the cart. )
  • The total cost for all boxes of this product you ordered

The ‘quantity’ for the product header is ‘1’ by default. Setting it to ‘0’ will remove all the boxes of this product from your cart.

3. Box/ Pack Quantity

This shows you the number of boxes you ordered for each eye. This is a great time to make sure you ordered the correct quantity that you wanted.

4. Update Cart

If you make any changes in the box quantity, click ‘Update Cart’ to see the new subtotal.
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5. Coupon Code

Got a coupon code? Enter it here and click ‘Apply Coupon’. Make sure your device’s autocorrect is not automatically putting a space between words in the code. Our codes have no spaces in them!
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6. Subtotal

This is the total cost of your purchases before your shipping costs, if any, are added in. No tax charged on your purchases!
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P. S. Your invoice will look like your cart and will have exactly what you put in.  Please review your order carefully before checking out!


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