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How buying contacts can help Human Rights Watch


Your purchase helps Human Rights Watch during December 2016

Our group of the month is Human Rights Watch. What does this mean? Well! Whenever you purchase your contacts with us here at, you have the opportunity to give 51% of OUR net profits to the charity or non-profit organization of your choice! Every month, we highlight a new group that is going to be the default choice at checkout.

This month’s default group is Human Rights Watch.

Watch the video below to hear what Erika has to say about Human Rights Watch and!

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Video: Save Money, Save the Planet.

Save Money

Save Money, Save the Planet.

You probably already know what we do because of our motto: Save Money, Save the Planet. But what does this mean, exactly? Let Erika tell you in the video below!

Save 70% or more on your contact lenses, and we give 51% of our profits to the non-profit organisation of your choice! How cool is this?! Everyone wins! If you want to save money on your contact lenses AND help save the planet at the same time, there is no other website like ours. When you buy your contacts with, you are telling the world, the marketplace, that it matters to you where you spend your money.  You are voting for a world in which all companies will hopefully contribute a portion of their profits to the saving our wonderful planet.

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Video: One Laptop Per Child Canada

video banner olpcc

In our latest video, Erika tells you all about how totally cool One Laptop Per Child Canada is. One Laptop Per Child Canada receives grant and program requests from the communities themselves, and then provides these wonderful children with the technology that we all take for granted.

Watch the video below and hear what Erika has to say!

So remember: when you purchase your contacts with us, 51% of our profits during the month of August will go to One Laptop Per Child Canada, by default. And as always, you can choose the non-profit organization of your choice.