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Our Founder, Director and CEO Paul W. Slusher comments below about his experience with and how that reminds him just what separates from some other online sellers in Canada. See below for Paul’s personal review and analysis.

Placed My Order and Then…

My Experience at today reminded me of just what you don’t want from an online purchase. I regularly purchase vitamins and supplements online and after today, I will no longer purchase from But what is more important about my experience today is that I also know what I never want my own company to act like when a customer wants to change or cancel their order.

I placed an order at around 10am today. Immediately upon seeing the confirmation email come to my email box (about 3 minutes later) it occurred to me that I needed to change the shipping address. So I went to their chat link and requested such a change. I was told by one of their customer service agents that not only could I not change my shipping address, but I also could not cancel the order and place a new one. “But I placed the order five minutes ago” I explained. It didn’t matter to’s agent. In fact, the person made it clear to me that there was nothing he could do.

Having received this ridiculous answer, I then called the customer service team and asked the same question. I received essentially the same answer. Then I proceeded to say that I was never going to order from them again. That didn’t phase the customer service agent and she continued to repeat her answer that I could not change my shipping address or cancel my order. What was crazy is that I could not cancel the order. Not being able to change the order, although still a stupid policy, was at least understandable if you are dealing with some big heartless corporation. But to not be able to cancel is just unfathomable.

If you examine their rating online, you can see that others feel very much the same way about Click here to see just a sample.

Then I said I would place reviews online…

Do you know what made the company change their tune? I told the agent that I would be placing 1-star reviews online about and perhaps would even write a blog about their company on MY company blog. THEN she suddenly “realized” that she could cancel the order. Wow. What horrible service. But the lesson was powerful for me in one key aspect…

With We Provide A+ Service all the time and we even…Guarantee Every Order Can Be Returned or Replaced!

You see, many online sellers provide horrible service because they really think that you as a customer will simply grin and bear it. Perhaps they are shortsighted enough to think that you will you come back to them just because they are “cheap” or “convenient”. What they don’t understand is that service matters and making sure that every single customer is happy and satisfied should be job #1.

We Are The Highest Rated in Canada

At, we are the highest rated (and the fasted growing) online seller of contact lenses in all of Canada. This is because we have some of the best prices, the best service and we have an unbeatable Order Insurance Guarantee that ensures you will never be treated like I was by

So, for those of you who buy supplements, organics and other great products, I suggest another company, perhaps or or some other company. I would NOT suggest you order from I know I never will again, and I was their regular customer for several years.

But most importantly, I hope that you glean from my own personal experience just how important it is to support and buy your products who take customer service seriously. And when I say take it seriously, I mean that we back every purchase with a guarantee that we will treat you right, every single time.

Thank you for reading and please, as our valued customer, know that we are here for you and will always try to be better, do better and ensure you make your purchase with a smile, knowing a real team of real people with really good intentions are on the other end, doing everything to win your business every single day.

Best regards,

Paul W. Slusher
Owner, Founder, Director
The Contactsforless Retail Corporation


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Customer Feedback: Queenie Chan

“Excellent customer service, fast delivery and 100% genuine products.”

We deeply care what you think about us. (No, really, we’re those guys who keep going, “Are we best friends now?”) So as you can imagine, we got very excited when we got some lovely customer feedback the other day.

We’ve been on-going customers for Contacts for Less for 3 years now and I can’t imagine trusting my online order with any other online companies. Excellent customer service, fast delivery and 100% genuine products.

I love the coupons that they send to me through their newsletter and their dedication on giving back to the community.

Highly recommend this company to all my friends and family!

Larry and Queenie

— Customer feedback from Queenie Chan of Toronto, Ontario

Here at Contacts for Less, we believe in giving back to the community as much as we can.  This is why we love our customers (but only in a non-creepy way, we promise).  You are the reason we can continue giving the way we do.

We also love customer feedback. It lets us know what you think we’re doing right (so we can keep doing it!), and where we can improve to serve you better.

Here’s how you save money AND our planet when you shop at

  • Save 70% or more on our low, low prices on 100% genuine products. Plus free shipping for orders of $100 up!
  • Choose a charity from our list of over 50, and we’ll send them a whopping 51% of the net profits from every dollar you spend!

Love what we’re doing?  Hate our faces?  (This would make us cry, but that’s ok.)  Got ideas on how we can improve?  Try us out and let us know what you think here at  Did we mention that we love customer feedback?