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September 2017 Video of the Month


2,000 people commit suicide worldwide everyday. How do you know if someone close to you is considering suicide? What can you do to help prevent suicide?

We cover these questions and more in our 4-minute video this month.


Very Short Summary (In which amazing details are missing that you’ll have to get by watching our awesome video above!):

1. This month is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

  • Every year, almost one million people die from suicide; a “global” mortality rate of 16 per 100,000, or one death every 40 seconds. Suicide accounts for more loss of life in the world than the total number of deaths from war, acts of terrorism and homicide combined.

2. Our Nonprofit Group of the Month

And remember, is the only website in Canada that lets you order your contact lens online, save 70% or more on low prices, and donates 51% of net profits to the charity YOU choose!

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August 2017 Video of the Month

Our CEO Has an Update For You!

Hot, isn’t it?  Our CEO video for August will cool you right off!  (Well, no, not really, but at least you’ll be entertained for a while). We here at love to keep you informed as often as possible. In addition to cooling you off, we have some cool announcements. In fact, we are so cool, we want you to know that we are one of the best online contact lens company Canada. Who said so? You did (our customers!).

Anyway, here is our latest message, which comes directly from CEO Paul.

Short Recap (Really short–you’ll have to get the details from our awesome video above!). In other words, PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO. 🙂

1. Contest to Win A FREE $500 In Cash so says our CEO!

  • It’s so easy to join!  Just click here, fill it out, and click submit!  No purchase necessary! However, we would still love it if you bought contact lenses online with us. Hehe.

3. Our Nonprofit Group of the Month is the only website in Canada that lets you order your contact lens online, save 70% or more on low prices, and donates 51% of net profits to the charity YOU choose! Therefore, the only question we have is “why buy contacts online with anyone else”. We are the cheapest, the best service and the most giving. In other words, #1 for a reason.

From CEO Paul down to every single team member at our company, we thank you for being our contact lens customer.

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Here’s How You Can Save the Planet with Contact Lenses

save money, save the planet

1. So you need contact lenses.
2. And you care about saving suffering kids and people, saving animals and nature, and just… saving the planet in general.
3. It also wouldn’t hurt if you could get your contacts cheaply (We’ve got coupons, yes, we do!).

We’ve got you covered.

Here’s an awesome 2-minute video (our best yet!) from our girls to tell you how you can save money and save the planet with Contacts For Less.

Still here?  Here’s a little reward for you, for being so patient!

Click to enter our contest for $500 cash!