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November 2017 Group of the Month: Adoption Council of Canada

Adoption Council of Canada

Children need homes. They need love, they need hugs! The sad reality is that many children are without families and cannot get all the love, support, and life they wish to have. But this is where The Adoption Council of Canada comes in!

Meet Our Group of the Month

Our featured group this month, The Adoption Council of Canada, helps kids find the right families.

From the Adoption Council of Canada’s website:

The mission of the ACC, while broadly serving the entire adoption community of adopted persons, birth families, and adoptive families, focuses on three main objectives:

  • To raise awareness about the number of children available for adoption in Canada’s child welfare system, and to facilitate programs that will promote the placement of waiting children in permanent loving families.
  • To connect with provincial adoption agencies and organizations and support them in our common goals, by assisting them in communicating with government and the private sector about their specific provincial challenges.
  • To recognize and promote the need for post-adoption supports for all members of the adoption community. The ACC strongly believes that education, communication and connection to medical, social, psychological and educational resources are essential in ensuring the success and longevity of adoptive family relationships.

Mission and Values

The ACC is also the number one resource for current Canadian adoption news, publications, educational resources, events and provincial links.

The ACC believes in demonstrating consideration and respect for all members of the adoption constellation, and in the fundamental right of all persons to have open access to records and to their birth history.

Don’t Miss Our Video of the Month

Check out our video this month about The Adoption Council of Canada, featuring our CEO Paul W. Slusher, and his adorable daughter Amira:

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Posted on is September’s Group of the Month

Water is the source of all life.

Our bodies are composed of 70% water. So why do 1 in 10 people in the world (over 600 million people) not have access to clean and safe water, and 1 in 3 people globally (2.4 billion) not have access to a working toilet? recognizes the importance of these issues and is doing tremendous work to help, and that’s why they are September’s Group of the Month.

The Water Crisis

You already know the statistics about access – but why is this a problem? To answer that, we’ll show you some more statistics:

  • Water-related diseases affect more than 1.5 billion people every year.
  • Every 90 seconds, a child dies from a water-related disease.
  • In Africa and Asia, women and children walk and average of nearly 6 kilometers every day, just to collect water.
  • Time spent gathering water equates to $24 billion in lost economic benefits annually.

Having access to safe and reliable water enables children to spend more time in school, and women more time to work to support their families and further their careers.

The Solution factA long-term solution to the water crisis requires an annual aid investment of US $1 trillion dollars, a far cry from the $8 billion currently directed towards these efforts. It’s this reality that helped, co-founded by Gary White and actor Matt Damon, understand that this was a problem that required more than pure charity to solve.

With that in mind, brought to life an innovation called WaterCredit, wherein agreements were made with local lenders to offer very small loans (typically less than $200) to families and communities in need, without the exorbitant interest rates (up to 20% of their income) that they were previously paying to loan sharks. This was made possible by agreeing to carry a significant portion of the financial risk.

These loans are used to establish household water connections and toilets, while also giving the borrowers the important sense that they were not simply receiving a hand-out, but actually taking control of their own lives and empowering themselves. WaterCredit loans have a nearly flawless repayment rate of 99%, and these funds are recycled back into the WaterCredit program to assist even more families and communities.

Our Part

WaterCredit has reached nearly 4 million people so far, and that number does not include the help that has provided by assisting in and planning various water projects around the globe. $8 trillion is a mighty big number, though, and they’ll need a lot of help to get there! believes that we’ve spent long enough taking for granted the convenience of drinkable tap water and the dignity of a working toilet, which is why we are very happy to make our Group of the Month for September. 51% of our profits from every sale this month will, by default, be donated directly to

Remember, if there’s another cause that’s near and dear to your heart, during checkout you have the option of choosing from over 50 different charities and non-profit organizations that is proud to support!

And make sure to watch our video, where Erika tells you about September’s Group of the Month!