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Why We Donate On Your Behalf

How do Canadians feel when asked to donate at the cash register?


Picture this.  You tap your credit card on the machine to pay for your milk and eggs, and the cashier asks, “Would you like to donate to Worthy Cause #263?”

All eyes from the other people in line are now on you as they wait to hear your response.  How do you feel? If you didn’t like it, you’re not alone.

Here’s how Canadians reacted.

  • 44% felt pressured. They didn’t like being asked to donate with everyone watching, and resented the social pressure involved.
  • 28% were happy to help. They were glad to do it.
  • 10% were embarrassed. It wasn’t a good time for them, so they were ashamed to have to say no.
  • 8% were angry. How dare this cashier ask them for money after they just finished spending some?
  • 8% were pleased. They appreciated being asked, and given the opportunity to help out.

A whopping 62% of Canadians were unhappy about being asked to donate at the cash register.  Nearly two-thirds of them stated they refused.  However, 62% also said they would be inclined to donate if they knew how the retailer was also contributing to the charity in question. Above all, people do not like being put ‘under the gun’ to give to a cause they may not even know about.

Here’s how we take the pressure off you at

We completely understand your concerns about public pressure, and about retailers asking you to help out while you don’t know what they’re doing on their end. All you do is buy your contact lenses online. We do the giving. You have never felt better about buying online Canada.

1. We give away our money instead of yours.

Let’s say this again. We donate 51% of our net profits from every dollar you spend with us! You buy, we give. In other words, we make it so easy.

2. We make it your choice.

Got a cause you feel strongly about?  At checkout, you can choose from our list of over 50 charities where you want us to send 51% of our earnings from your purchase!

3. There’s no one watching.

Unless you’ve got someone standing behind your computer chair (made you look!), there’s no one to judge your choices when you select your charity.

And to top it off, we also save you 70% or more with our amazing prices!

There is on thing we need to say in conclusion. There is no other website like us in Canada. This is why we are #1 and they are not!

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How buying contacts can help Human Rights Watch


Your purchase helps Human Rights Watch during December 2016

Our group of the month is Human Rights Watch. What does this mean? Well! Whenever you purchase your contacts with us here at, you have the opportunity to give 51% of OUR net profits to the charity or non-profit organization of your choice! Every month, we highlight a new group that is going to be the default choice at checkout.

This month’s default group is Human Rights Watch.

Watch the video below to hear what Erika has to say about Human Rights Watch and!

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Waison Chen Testimonial


Waison Chen, Edmonton, Alberta, September 22, 2016

Feedback given through e-mail;

…The service, price and delivery speed was already good. The huge bonus, and attraction, was the donating of 51% of profits to organizations doing good work around the world. I’m sure there are other companies that do that…but this is the first one I have encountered. Good job and good heart!…

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