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Systane Complete Eye Drops

Systane Complete Eye Drops

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Systane Complete Eye Drops

Give dry, itchy eyes fast relief with these Systane lubricant eye drops. The fast-acting formula delivers nourishing hydration, and the nano-sized droplets provide better coverage across the entire surface of each eye. The convenient bottle lets you apply single drops directly for hassle-free use. This formula features evaporation protection, so your eyes remain moist and comfortable throughout the day. Designed to soothe and protect, these Systane lubricant eye drops are ideal for use during allergy season.

Propylene glycol, hydroxypropyl guar, mineral oil, dimyristoyl phosphatidylglycerol, polyoxyl 40 stearate, sorbitan tristearate, boric acid, sorbitol, edetate disodium, POLYQUAD (polidronium chloride) 0.001% preservative, and purified water. It may contain hydrochloric acid and/or sodium hydroxide to adjust pH.

It is essential that you follow your eye care practitioner’s directions and all labeling instructions for proper use of the product. If you experience persistent eye discomfort, excessive tearing, headache, vision changes, or redness of the eye, stop using Systane Complete and consult your eye care practitioner as the problem could become more serious. Temporary blurred vision or other visual disturbances may affect the ability to drive or use machines. If blurred vision occurs after application, wait until the vision clears before driving or using machinery.

Systane Complete Lubricant Eye Drops may be used as needed throughout the day to relieve the symptoms of dry eye. It may be used prior to inserting contact lenses and after the removal of contact lenses. Shake well before using. Instill one or two drops in the eye(s) as needed and blink eyes.

Systane Complete Eye Drops Details

purpose Lubricating Eye Drops
size 10ml
1 bottle
Introducing Systane Complete made up of tiny, nano-sized droplets, this soothing eye drop forms a matrix of protection across the entire eye surface. Systane Complete delivers optimal dry eye relief, and provides fast hydration and tear evaporation protection.
Instructions for use, warnings, and other details
  • Shake well before using
  • Put 1 or 2 drops in the affected eye’s as needed
warnings Warnings. For external use only.

Do not use:
if this product changes color or becomes cloudy
if you are sensitive to any ingredient in this product
When using this product:

-Do not touch tip of container to any surface to avoid contamination
-Replace cap after each use
-Stop use and ask a doctor if you experience any of the following:

Eye pain
changes in vision occur
continued redness or irritation of the eye
condition worsens or persists for more than 72 hours

other information Store at room temperature.


To guarantee that our liquid lens care products are always sterile, this item is final sale only and may not be returned/ exchanged.  Thank you for your understanding.  Check out our return policy here.


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