Soflens Toric Astigmatism

Soflens Toric

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Soflens Toric 6-Pack Contact Lens Description

SOFLENS TORIC Brand Contact Lenses from Bausch & Lomb are monthly disposable lenses. A monthly replacement lens for people with astigmatism. The SofLens Toric contact lens has a unique design that is exceptionally easy to wear. It provides clear vision and exceptional comfort consistently from lens to lens. Wear your SofLens contact lenses daily for a month, throw them away, and start with a fresh pair.

  • #1 Toric design for people with astigmatism
  • Time-tested, deposit resistant material for excellent comfort
  • Provides accurate, stable fit
  • Visibility tint for easy handling

These lenses are designed to be worn over a month, meaning that they can be worn for 30 days before replacement. During this time, they will need regular cleaning to prevent the build-up of dirt or proteins on the lens surface.
The advanced Toric shape of the SofLens lens ensures that astigmatism is corrected, focusing light onto the eye and delivering pixel perfect vision. Made with Aphafilcon A, these lenses will retain moisture and fit neatly on the eye for a reliable, comfortable experience.

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Soflens Toric lenses use advanced FormCast technology to fit on the eye, as well as a surface made from Performa, which repels dirt and ensures a healthy flow of oxygen.

These lenses have not been designed to provide UV protection.

Soflens Toric

material / h20 contentalphafilcon a/ 66.00%
oxygen transmissibility16 dk/t  (at -3.00D)
base curve8.5
sphere power8.5/ 14.5
+6.00 to -6.00, -6.50D to -9.00D in 0.50D steps)
–2.25D-2.75D (-2.75 available from Plano to -9.00D)
axis10° to 180° in 10° steps
center thickness0.195 @ -3.00d
featuresvisibility tint
packaging1 box of 6 lenses
wearing scheduledaily, up to 7-day continuous wear
replacement schedule2 weeks


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