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Hydrasoft Toric

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**IMPORTANT: Hydrasoft Toric lenses are made to order especially to fit your eyes. They require a 2 – 4 week manufacturing period, and these custom-made lenses cannot be cancelled, returned or exchanged. Please double-check your prescription before placing your order!

All about Hydrasoft Toric Contact Lenses from CooperVision

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This product is recommended by CooperVision only for experienced contact lens users, by contact lens prescription from an optometrist. 

Hydrasoft Toric contact lenses gives clear, crisp vision back to those with challenging astigmatic conditions.   Even being a soft contact lens, Hydrasoft Toric is still custom made to your exact specifications for optimal vision correction, something that used to be only obtainable in hard contacts.

  • Over 20,000,000 available parameter combinations—more than any other custom toric lens
  • Crisp, clear optics and high durability

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Hydrasoft Toric


material / h20 content methafilcon B / 55.00%
oxygen transmissibility
14.5 Dk/t (at -3.00D)
base curve 8.3, 8.6, 8.9, 9.2
14.2, 15.0
sphere power
+30.00D to -30.00D
(0.25D steps)
cylinder -0.50D to -10.00D (0.25D steps)
1° to 180° (1° steps)
1 vial of 1 lens
wearing schedule daily wear
replacement schedule yearly


*Please follow your optometrist’s instructions on how long you personally can wear contacts without removing them.

This product is custom-made for your specifications and cannot be returned or exchanged in any condition. Check out our return policy here.


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