Biomedics 1 Day 90
Biomedics 1 Day 90 buy contact lenses online canada buy contact lenses online canada

Biomedics 1 Day 90pk

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About Biomedics 1 Day 90 Pack contact lenses

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Biomedics 1 Day 90 Pack contact lenses are daily disposable contacts from CooperVision. Biomedics 1 Day contacts is a convenient lens that removes the need to clean the contact lenses and removes the concern of protein build-up on your contacts. Biomedics 1 Day has a UV blocker and a visibility tint for easy handling. Each box of Biomedics1 Day 90 Pack contacts contains 90 daily disposable lenses. Biomedics are also known as Clearsight contact lenses but are structurally the exact same lenses.

Presented by CooperVision, one of the world’s most leading and trusted contact lens manufacturers, Biomedics 1 Day Extra guarantees to prevent your eyes from going dry even when you wear the lenses all day long. Thanks to the mild-water content (55%), the contact lenses allow more natural oxygen to reach your eyes, so that you can wear them comfortably for up to 16 hours. Replacing your lenses every day is known to prevent the build-up of allergens such as proteins or lipids. Hence, using the lenses will improve the health of your eyes and also free you from the hassles of cleaning and storing them every day.

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Recommended for long-sightedness (hyperopia) and short-sightedness (myopia), Biomedics 1 Day Extra will be the perfect option for first-time wearers and those looking to switch from monthly wear to dailies for sheer convenience and comfort. Available in a buffered saline solution, each pack contains 30 sterile contact lenses that will last for one month. You can simply discard the lenses at the end of the day and replace them with a fresh pair the next day. To receive optimum benefits, you must not extend the wearing time of the Biomedics 1 Day Extra lenses prescribed by your optician.

Biomedics 1 Day 90pk

material / h20 contentocufilcon B / 52.00%
oxygen transmissibility24 dk/t (at -3.00d)
base curve8.7
diameter 14.2
sphere power 8.7/ 14.2
-0.25 to -10.00
+0.25 to +6.00
(0.50D steps after -6.00 and +5.00)
center thickness 0.070 @ -3.00d
featuresvisibility tint, UV blocking, low modulus
packaging1 box of 90 lenses
wearing scheduledaily
replacement scheduledaily
other trade names
(identical product & manufacturer,
different packaging)
P Label Disp.
Versaflex Eyemed



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