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Air Optix Aqua

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Information on Air Optix Aqua Contact Lenses

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Air Optix Aqua contact lenses from Alcon are made with a new hydrogel material that allows up to 5 times more oxygen to flow through the lens than regular contact lens. These contacts stay comfortable and wet due to the AQUA moisture system which helps reduce the rate of lens dehydration. They’re made from the latest in lens material for an exceptionally comfortable wearing experience. Air Optix Aqua is a monthly replacement contact lens but frequency of replacement will vary based on on usage.

There are 6 lenses in each box of Air Optix Aqua. Because of their unique design, these lenses can be worn continuously for 6 nights and 7 days. If you find you’re always over-wearing your lenses or falling asleep in them, or just want to wear lenses from when you wake up to when you go to sleep, speak to your optician about the benefits of Air Optix Aqua. These extended wear contact lenses could make a huge difference!

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The lens material allows up to 5 times more oxygen to reach the eye and is built to resist deposit and protein build ups which lead to discomfort whilst retaining moisture. These three factors combined are what Alcon calls its TriComfort technology; it’s designed to give you longer, healthier wear from your contact lenses, while leaving them feeling natural and breathable all day long.

Air Optix Aqua

material / h20 content lotrafilcon b/ 33.00%
oxygen transmissibility 138 dk/t (at -3.00d)
proprietary technology SmartShield®
base curve 8.6
diameter 14.2
sphere power 8.6/14.2
+6.00 to -8.00
(in 0.25 steps)
-8.50 to -10.00
(in 0.50 steps)
center thickness 0.080 @ -3.00d
features visibility tint
packaging 1 box of 6 lenses
wearing schedule daily wear & up to 6 nights’ extended wear*
replacement schedule monthly


*Please follow your optometrist’s instructions on how long you personally can wear these contacts without removing them.

We have a 1-year return policy for this product if the box is unopened and undamaged. Check out our return policy here.


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