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Acuvue Oasys 6pk Bandage Lens (Only in 0.00 Power)

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Acuvue Oasys 6pk Bandage Lens Contact Lenses Information

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The Acuvue Oasys 6pk (Bandage Lens) is a special pack manufactured only with the power 0.00.  All other powers for 6pk is unavailable from the manufacturer,.  These 0.00 lenses are called bandage lenses because they are usually prescribed by optometrists to their patients for medical purposes such as to protect their eyes after surgery. 

ACUVUE OASYS Contact Lenses from Johnson & Johnson with HYDRACLEAR PLUS. Say goodbye to dry eyes with the #1 doctor-prescribed contact lens in North America. The next generation HYDRACLEAR PLUS technology, keeps your eyes comfortable all day long, even in tough surroundings. It’s bye bye to tired and dry eyes!

  • Acuvue Oasys feels almost like wearing no lens at all
  • Helps soothe discomfort from tired and dry eyes
  • Reduces the need for rewetting drops
  • Contains next generation of proprietary technology that creates a more wettable, ultra smooth contact lens
  • Visibility tint, so your lenses are easy to see and handle
  • Highest UVA and UVB Blocking to help protect against harmful UV rays, blocking 96% of UV-A rays and 99% of UV-B rays
  • The 123 inside-out mark, so you’ll insert your lenses correctly every time

We donate our profits when selling contact lensesAcuvue Contact Lenses

These lenses have been designed to keep your eyes moist and comfortable all day long, using Hydraclear Plus technology. Even in dry conditions, you might forget you’re wearing a lens at all. They block more than 99% of UVB and 95% of UVA-1 rays, the highest levels you’ll find on the market today. And with dryness-reducing Hydraclear Plus technology, these are the contact lenses for anyone looking to put down the rewetting drops and take off the glasses.

Acuvue Oasys 6pk Bandage Lens

material / h20 contentsenofilcon a / 38.00%
oxygen transmissibility147 dk/t (at -3.00d)
proprietary technologyHYDRACLEAR® PLUS
base curve8.4, 8.8
sphere power8.4/14.0
Plano – 0.00
Plano – 0.00
center thickness0.070 @ -3.00d
featuresvisibility tint, UV blocking
packaging1 box of 6 lenses
wearing scheduleextended wear *
daily wear
replacement schedule1 week extended wear or
2 weeks daily wear


*Please follow your optometrist’s instructions on how long you personally can wear contacts without removing them.

We have a 1-year return policy for this product if the box is unopened and undamaged. Check out our return policy here.


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