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6a0120a56ab882970c01a73e06648e970d-800wiResearch: A customer has recently informed us

about a woman, researcher and activist Alexandra Morton…

…and her activism and research related to Wild Salmon versus Farmed Salmon. Although we have yet to add her organization to our list of “causes”, we are intrigued by her work and so we are giving her a mention on our blog and in our social media.  Her website is located at

For those interested in learning more, visit the website and/or send funds directly to her organization.  The donation page is located at:

An excerpt from her website reads:

The work I am doing receives no government funding and no large institution funding.  There are no longterm grants.  There is no office, no fundraiser teams, no galas, no gimmicks.  I am a one-person effort with occasional volunteers and I contract work as needed.  It is an uncomfortable existence, I never know if there will be money for the work or my living expenses, but it means my voice is unencumbered by the need to protect staff, or a large institute such as a university.

Many people have encouraged me to get an office in Vancouver, and hire a fundraiser.  I have not taken this path because I want to remain free to take this work into the most controversial salmon farming arenas – viruses.  There is a reason it was left to me to discover the sea lice issue and the European viruses.  Others knew about them, but were afraid to go public. 

I have three separate entities for different aspects of the work:

The Department of Wild Salmon – this is a concept to restore wild salmon, not a society.  Funding for this comes through Pacific Coast Wild Salmon Society.

Pacific Coast Wild Salmon Society does the public outreach.  It funded the award-winning film SalmonConfidential downloaded over 400,000 times around the world.  I am currently working on a campaign to educate consumers about what it means when they put farmed salmon in their mouths.