Sapphire Contact Lenses

Buy Sapphire Contact Lenses Online Canada and Save Money!

Sapphire monthly contact lenses brings a new choice to the monthly segment, Sapphire makes it easier to ensure your patients are wearing one of the best lenses available.  Plus, the affordable price means even more patients can effortlessly choose the health and comfort benefits of silicone hydrogel. Also, you are buying them with, the only website to donate 51% of its net profits to help save the planet.

Natural Wettability

The 3rd generation of silicone hydrogel material is inherently wettable with no surface treatments. This, combined with the higher water content ensures a high performing, comfortable lens.

More UV Protection

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation can be harmful to eyes, with the potential to cause cataracts and other damage. That’s why Sappire offers Class 1 UV protection that blocks more than 90% UVA and 99% UVB offering improved protection for your patients’ eyes.

Find your perfect contact lenses, whether that’s Regular, Toric, for Astigmatism or Multifocal, all at unbeatable prices available at

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Showing all 4 results