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How Did We do?

You could win $100 at!

Just tell us how we did? 

A new winner picked EVERY MONTH!

Rules and details are below. Fill out the form & ENTER TO WIN!

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Contest Rules:

1. This contest is only for current and past customers of On the first of every month, will pick a winner from the ballots entered during the previous month (we do not accumulate ballots – so enter every time you purchase from us).

2. Contestants must be residing in Canada to be eligible and must be able to receive contact lens shipments in Canada. All entrants not living in Canada and who cannot receive contact lens shipments in Canada will be disqualified.

3. Up to 3 consecutive contestants may be contacted in the case the previous entrant was selected but did not respond. Each will have 24 hours to respond or a new winner is selected. If none of these up to three contestants do not respond, no other winners will be selected (see #5).

4. Each winner will be contacted by phone and by email and will have 24 hours to respond. At that time we must ask the following skill question (required by law):

10 – 10 + 1 – 1 = ?  

…If you answer the question correctly, you will be given a very special coupon code IN YOUR NAME worth $100 towards any contact lens purchase. The $100 coupon code can only be used ONE TIME and therefore the winner(s) must use up as much of the $100 during the purchase. Any money left over after the purchase is not distributed as cash nor is the $100 allowed to be distributed as cash either – and the $100 can only be used as on-site credit via the personalized coupon code.

5.  In the case that these contestants do not reply to the skill question within 24 hours, no other contestant will be picked and the $100 coupon code will go unclaimed. Only customers who have purchased in the past 120 days are eligible to win any particular monthly drawing. However a customer may win more than one time – if they are selected in more than one monthly winner selection. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us with your questions.

Good luck!!


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We donate profits from Contact lenses in Canada









Past $100 Winners



Click to view past winners:

2017 October

  • Jenny Warburton, B. C.
  • Nicole Trudeau, Ontario

2017 November

  • Russ Dykes, Manitoba
  • Richard Hui, B. C.

2017 December

  • Donna Airriess, Ontario
  • Daniel Matheson, B. C.
  • Julide Peace, Alberta


























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