Guns Part 2: you are being LIED to and it is KILLING you
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Podcast: Earth We Can Do This – Guns part 2. You are being lied to and it is killing you


Podcast: Earth We Can Do This – Guns: part 2. You are being LIED to and it is KILLING you

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Did you know that a convicted killer can buy a gun legally in the United States? Did you know that the N.R.A. is lying to you about the 2nd Amendment? Did you know that the 2nd Amendment was initially created to protect “Slave Patrols” in the slave-owning south? In this powerful podcast, host Paul W. Slusher exposes the lies about gun control in the United States. From Donald Trump to Ted Nugent have misled the American public about the history of the Constitution and why guns are still not properly regulated to ensure that those who shouldn’t have guns can’t get buy them.

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