Grace Ngai from Toronto, Ontario, left an AWESOME review!
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Grace Ngai from Toronto, Ontario, left an AWESOME review!

customer testimonial

Grace Ngai, Toronto, Ontario

Customer feedback given through e-mail;

I think what your organization is doing is a great business model that should be adopted by others. And on top of donating proceeds to non-profits, somehow your prices are still comparable if not better than competitors! It’s a no-brainer as a customer, and a WIN-WIN-WIN situation for all!! I’m sure the non-profits are very grateful for the support.

Our C.E.O., Paul W. Slusher, was so happy to read this testimonial that he replied to Grace! Read below!

Hello Grace,

I rarely have time to respond to the many positive comments we receive, however yours caught my eye and I wanted to take a moment to speak to you directly. I absolutely love it when a customer speaks so perfectly and succinctly about our mission and what makes us special. Your comment is much appreciated but also speaks to the exact reason that we do this. We also feel that others should follow our lead and that other companies should begin to follow the 51% donation model. With your help and the help of our thousands upon thousands of customers – we will show the world what is possible. That truly we can run profitable businesses that serve the world, but also help save the world too.

Have a GREAT day and thank you for writing to us.


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