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November Non-Profit of the Month

November: Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada is proud to feature every one of the 47 non-profits. November 2014 is a group that is dear to our heart.  We strongly support the good work of Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada.

As the group of the month, Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada will receive the lion’s share of this month’s proceeds.  Remember that 51% of all of our profits are directed to the non-profit organization that YOU the buyer chooses.  We are very unique, the very first of its kind in the world in fact.

Even if you choose to support another group, such as Humane Society Canada or Doctors Without Borders, just know that you CAN make a difference in the world, one contact lens at a time!

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hands holding planet coming soon is proud to be working on a project to bring to the public a new website that is dedicated to news, information and discussion on Saving the Planet. Although the website is still waiting to be completed (and will be live online in August 2014), the Facebook page is already up and running.

We encourage all to check it out!


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