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Group of the Month: the Committee to Protect Journalists


Almost 1,200 journalists have been murdered since 1992. 71 of them in 2015 alone. 8 so far in 2016. This is not counting the extremely high number of journalists intimidated, threatened, and tortured because some countries want to keep them silent. They want to keep those journalists from spreading the word, the truth, to the rest of the world about important issues. Because this is going on, a non-profit organisation has been created to promote press freedom worldwide. This group is called The Committee to Protect Journalists.


Watch the short video below where our CEO, Paul W. Slusher, talks about the CPJ and how YOU can help them, too. Make sure to watch until the end because we have an extra something for you!

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The Monthly Report – September, 2015

September Monthly Report

Monthly Report – What is the Monthly Report?

Each month of the year, we will be publishing what we call our “Monthly Report.” In this video series, we will be talking about some of the various issues that we support through the non-profit organizations listed on our website that our amazing customers can choose to donate to. We will also talk about the top 5 non-profit organization that our amazing customers have been supporting. In a way, this monthly report will be a very quick way for you to know what we have been up to!

In this first issue of this video series, you can learn all about, the top 5 non profits that our customers support and even learn a bit about supporting Transit from our CEO, Paul W. Slusher. So make sure you watch it!


Top 5 Non-Profits Supported By You! | The Monthly Report

  1. Big Brothers Big Sisters
  2. Doctors Without Borders
  3. World Wildlife Fund
  4. Women For Women International
  5. Save the Children

Each month, we handpick one non-profit organization out of the 47 different non-profit organization on our donation list. This non-profit organization will be the default organization upon your checkout page. Of course, you always have the chance of choosing whichever non-profit you wish to donate 51% of our profits to. However, the highlighted group of the month will be set as the default non-profit that we donate to.