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The 2019 Financial Growth Report

by Director & CEO Paul W. Slusher

Once again, 2019 proved that is the #1 fastest growing online contact lens website in Canada. What do we mean by being “#1 fastest growing”? Well, to be very clear about it, fastest growing in total revenue and fastest growing in total orders. Of course no other website donates 51% of all net profits like we do. So, we are #1 in being the fastest growing in donations raised to save the planet too!

As we keep saying, there are companies that act like they care about the planet and then there is – a company that actually does it. Most sites just make profits off of you and that is it. Maybe there is a site here and there that “donates” but do they donate 51% of net profits? Heck no! That would be insane! Yes it would be, because their reason for living is profits. At our reason for living is to help our planet. That is why we are the fastest growing contact lens site in Canada.

Video: CEO Paul reports on our record-breaking 2019!

Numbers (Still) Matter…

It is one thing to say you are #1 like some of the other sites. It is another thing to prove it. Well, numbers don’t like like some folks do. Here is the math that backs up our claim. Let’s see the “other guys” do that. Don’t hold your breath, because they won’t. Trust us on that.

So here our record-breaking numbers. We are very proud of what we have accomplished. However, we won’t stop here. We plan to donate MILLIONS OF DOLLARS someday to help our planet, feed children, help victims of war, stop cancer, alzheimer’s and so much more!

TOTAL ORDERS UP 3,825% 2015 – 2019

Yes, you read that correctly. 3,825%

2015 – 394 Orders

2016 – 5,137 Orders (UP 1,203%)

2017 – 7,063 Orders (UP 38%)

2018 – 9,471 Orders (UP 34%)

2019 – 15,471 Orders (UP 63%)

TOTAL SALES REVENUE UP 2,272% 2015 – 2019

Again, we never cease to amaze. We are growing so fast it is incredible. Here are how the numbers break down in this category:

2015 – $92,101 Total Sales Revenue

2016 – $628,083 Total Sales Revenue (UP 582%)

2017 – $874,479 Total Sales Revenue (UP 39%)

2018 – $1,258,503 Total Sales Revenue (UP 43%)

2019 – $2,184,834 Total Sales Revenue (UP 73%)


It needs to be said that we are also the ONLY online contact lens website in Canada to donate 51% of its net profits to the non-profit that YOU the customer choose. No one does it. No one dare give away profits like that – except

So, since our mission is to give 51% of our net profits, we continue to give, give, give. Despite the fact that profit margins on contact lenses are so very small, we still manage to give away thousands. Check out these figures:

2015 – $623 Donated

2016 – $3,141 Donated

2017 – $3,644 Donated

2018 – $6,717 Donated

2019 – $6,111 Donated

Total Donated 2015 – 2018 – $20,236*

* It is important to note that we have donated more than $25,000 if you include the funds we donated prior to 2015 but are not officially part of our report totals.


Lastly, here is the part you have all been waiting for! No? Well – this list is very important to us. What causes do our customers care the most about? Here you go, the top 20 non-profits in 2018:

    1. F*ck Cancer
    2. Humane Society of Canada
    3. Alzheimer Society Canada
    4. World Animal Protection
    5. Doctors Without Borders
    6. Women for Women Int’l
    7. David Suzuki Foundation
    8. Canadian Mental Health – Port Alberni
    9. CARE
    10. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada
    11. Save The Children
    12. Ecojustice
    13. Negative Population Growth
    14. Humane Society Int’l
    15. UNICEP
    16. World Wildlife Fund Canada
    17. First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada
    18. Climate Action Network Canada
    19. BC Aboriginal Childcare Society
    20. Adoption Council of Canada


We predicted a year ago (see our 2018 report) that we would break records in 2019. Turns out we were right.


As the Owner, Founder and CEO of this hard working, little company, I want to thank you all again – for supporting the very best, fastest growing contact lens site in Canada. We could NOT do this without you, our amazing online customers. I just want to thank each and every person who has ordered from us at We could not have done any of this without you. It isn’t just about the amazing growth of our small, humble company. It is of course also about how we work together to change our planet for the better!

…and remember, together we can change the world, one contact lens order at a time.


Paul W. Slusher

Owner, Founder & CEO


See our Google Rating, the highest of all contact lens sellers in Canada.

Posted on Grows 315% in 2016

two hands holding planet earth

2016 Annual Report for

(Press Release)

New Westminster, BC – February 24, 2017 – announced today that its Canadian-owned contact lens website grew 315% in Total Sales Revenue for 2016 and an astounding 1,641% between January 2014 to December 2016. is a Canadian online contact lens website that is the first in the world to donate 51% of its net profits to the non-profit organization that the contact lens buyer chooses. The website currently has 55 of the top non-profits and charities in its donation list, ranging from such well-known groups as Greenpeace, the Sea Shepherd Society, Doctors Without Borders, The World Wildlife Fund, Save the Children and many more. also spends a large majority of its outreach budget just sharing articles and information related to global issues like child hunger, the effects of war, environmental destruction and human suffering. Owner, Founder and CEO Paul W. Slusher commented “When I came up with the idea for back in 2010, I knew we were the first to do this – to combine great products, great prices, great service with a total commitment to helping our planet and helping people. There is no doubt in my mind that we will take over at least 20-30% of the Canadian contact lens market in the next few years.”

Slusher went on to add “We are seeing our website grow into a real force in the Canadian contact lens market mainly through our customers spreading the word about us.” He explained that their marketing budget has been “on a shoestring from day one and yet customers are coming to us organically every single day.”

When asked how is able to donate 51% of its net profits and still be a profitable company, Slusher maintains that it comes down to a having a small, dedicated team “who are more focused on making sure this company grows over making personal profits.” admits that although its levels of donations are still small, having donated $3,840 in 2016, Slusher comments that “the majority of those donations happened in the last quarter of 2016, when our sales volume really started to expand.” The company estimates that donations in 2017 may exceed $20,000 or more and perhaps even in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year within five years or less. As Slusher comments “When a customer is faced with two options, one company that makes millions of dollars of profit and another which gives 51% of its profits to helping save our planet, which one are they going to pick?”

The Top 10 Non-Profits at in 2016 were:

  1. Save the Children
  2. Global Fund for Women
  3. Doctors Without Borders
  4. Ecojustice
  5. One Laptop Per Child
  6. Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Canada
  7. Women for Women International
  8. World Wildlife Fund Canada
  10. Humane Society of Canada and CEO Paul W. Slusher can be reached at: or by calling 1-855-909-2772