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Why We Donate On Your Behalf


How do Canadians feel when asked to donate at the cash register?

Picture this.  You tap your credit card on the machine to pay for your milk and eggs, and the cashier asks, “Would you like to donate to Worthy Cause #263?”

All eyes from the other people in line are now on you as they wait to hear your response.  How do you feel?

If you didn’t like it, you’re not alone.

Here’s how Canadians reacted.

  • 44% felt pressured. They didn’t like being asked to donate with everyone watching, and resented the social pressure involved.
  • 28% were happy to help. They were glad to do it.
  • 10% were embarrassed. It wasn’t a good time for them, so they were ashamed to have to say no.
  • 8% were angry. How dare this cashier ask them for money after they just finished spending some?
  • 8% were pleased. They appreciated being asked, and given the opportunity to help out.

A whopping 62% of Canadians were unhappy about being asked to donate at the cash register.  Nearly two-thirds of them stated they refused.  However, 62% also said they would be inclined to donate if they knew how the retailer was also contributing to the charity in question.

Here’s how we take the pressure off you at

We completely understand your concerns about public pressure, and about retailers asking you to help out while you don’t know what they’re doing on their end.

1. We give away our money instead of yours.

We donate 51% of our net profits from every dollar you spend with us!

2. We make it your choice.

Got a cause you feel strongly about?  At checkout, you can choose from our list of over 50 charities where you want us to send 51% of our earnings from your purchase!

3. There’s no one watching.

Unless you’ve got someone standing behind your computer chair (made you look!), there’s no one to judge your choices when you select your charity.

And to top it off, we also save you 70% or more with our amazing prices!

Check out our products now and learn why our motto is “Save money, save the earth.”

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World Wildlife Fund March 2017

Group of the Month: WWF

March 4 is World Wildlife Day and so this month we have picked the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) as our group of the month. Like always, you can save 70% or more on your contact lenses and like always, you can pick any group to whom we give 51% of our profits.

We Donate 51% of our Profits

However in March, the default group is the World Wildlife Fund – and they do some amazing work. In fact this group is among the most powerful and visible in the fight to preserve species and habitat all over the planet. The World Wildlife Fund is one of our very favorite groups and was one of the top 10 groups that we donated to in 2016.

And remember we give away 51% of our profits to anyone you choose – and this month we urge you to choose the WWF.

Here is the monthly video where Erika is talking all about this and other issues too.

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two hands holding planet earth

2016 Annual Report for

(Press Release)

New Westminster, BC – February 24, 2017 – announced today that its Canadian-owned contact lens website grew 315% in Total Sales Revenue for 2016 and an astounding 1,641% between January 2014 to December 2016. is a Canadian online contact lens website that is the first in the world to donate 51% of its net profits to the non-profit organization that the contact lens buyer chooses. The website currently has 55 of the top non-profits and charities in its donation list, ranging from such well-known groups as Greenpeace, the Sea Shepherd Society, Doctors Without Borders, The World Wildlife Fund, Save the Children and many more. also spends a large majority of its outreach budget just sharing articles and information related to global issues like child hunger, the effects of war, environmental destruction and human suffering. Owner, Founder and CEO Paul W. Slusher commented “When I came up with the idea for back in 2010, I knew we were the first to do this – to combine great products, great prices, great service with a total commitment to helping our planet and helping people. There is no doubt in my mind that we will take over at least 20-30% of the Canadian contact lens market in the next few years.”

Slusher went on to add “We are seeing our website grow into a real force in the Canadian contact lens market mainly through our customers spreading the word about us.” He explained that their marketing budget has been “on a shoestring from day one and yet customers are coming to us organically every single day.”

When asked how is able to donate 51% of its net profits and still be a profitable company, Slusher maintains that it comes down to a having a small, dedicated team “who are more focused on making sure this company grows over making personal profits.” admits that although its levels of donations are still small, having donated $3,840 in 2016, Slusher comments that “the majority of those donations happened in the last quarter of 2016, when our sales volume really started to expand.” The company estimates that donations in 2017 may exceed $20,000 or more and perhaps even in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year within five years or less. As Slusher comments “When a customer is faced with two options, one company that makes millions of dollars of profit and another which gives 51% of its profits to helping save our planet, which one are they going to pick?”

The Top 10 Non-Profits at in 2016 were:

  1. Save the Children
  2. Global Fund for Women
  3. Doctors Without Borders
  4. Ecojustice
  5. One Laptop Per Child
  6. Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Canada
  7. Women for Women International
  8. World Wildlife Fund Canada
  10. Humane Society of Canada and CEO Paul W. Slusher can be reached at: or by calling 1-855-909-2772

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February 2017 Video of the Month

Learn about Population Connection and support them

Erika Tajiri, our wonderful spokesperson, is back again this month. What does she have this month for you? Well, first off there is this video (see below):

and what is in store for you when you watch our February Video of the Month? On top of being charmed to the top of your head by Erika, there is great info on our amazing $500 Video Contest (for details click here). Also she explains why it is so important that we support “Population Connection” – a group dedicated to helping alleviate the crazy overpopulation that is wreaking havoc on our beautiful planet.

Enjoy this month’s videos and if you want to never miss them – then make sure to “Like” us on Facebook or subscribe to our YouTube Channel. You can also receive our monthly E-Newsletters and that may be the best way of all to stay connected. Yes – of course you can do all three! 🙂

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How buying contacts can help Human Rights Watch


Your purchase helps Human Rights Watch during December 2016

Our group of the month is Human Rights Watch. What does this mean? Well! Whenever you purchase your contacts with us here at, you have the opportunity to give 51% of OUR net profits to the charity or non-profit organization of your choice! Every month, we highlight a new group that is going to be the default choice at checkout.

This month’s default group is Human Rights Watch.

Watch the video below to hear what Erika has to say about Human Rights Watch and!

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Human Rights Watch: Our December 2016 Group of the Month

human rights watch

Human Rights Watch Fights Human Rights Abuses 24/7

Hey folks! Another month means another Group of the Month! With December being Human Rights Month, it’s only fitting that we highlight our biggest human rights research and advocacy organization, Human Rights Watch.

human rightsEstablished in 1978 and now comprised of ~400 staff members globally, Human Rights Watch uses its extensive research resources and reputation of accurate and impartial reporting to press for changes in policy and practice, in order to promote and improve human rights and justice in countries all over the world.

HRW’s reporting covers wide-ranging topics such as children’s rights, the environment, and even arms and terrorism. One of the issues currently on their radar are the human rights implications of Donald Trump’s upcoming presidency. From their website:


“The headline-grabbing rhetoric of United States President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign raised significant concerns across a broad range of human rights issues. Human Rights Watch has called on Trump to abandon the “misogyny, racism, and xenophobia” that marked his campaign, break with policy proposals that would violate basic rights and freedoms, and govern “in a manner that fully respects and promotes human rights for everyone.” In the days leading up to the January 20 inauguration, we will be scrutinizing the President-elect’s emerging policy positions and speaking out where they fall short of respecting and promoting human rights in the United States and abroad.”


For more on Human Rights Watch’s reporting on the topic, you can head on over to this page on their site.

Of all of the groups that we support, Human Rights Watch’s efforts might be the most far-reaching and all-encompassing, so we’re proud to have them as the default donation choice on every order with us throughout the month of December. Again, that means that we’ll be donating 51% of our profits to Human Rights Watch, and you’re of course always welcome to choose to support one of our other 50+ causes!

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Video of the Month:

egale thumbnail is an amazing group you need to learn about!

With November being Transgender Awareness Month, it’s a no-brainer that Egale Canada Human Rights Trust should be our group of the month! Egale is Canada’s only national charity promoting LGBT rights through research, education, and community engagement.

Watch the video below to hear what Erika has to say about! And make sure to share the video with your friends and family so that they, too, can learn about this amazing group!