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Category Archives: Non-Profit News donates 51% of our net profits to the non-profit organization that YOU choose when you buy your contacts lenses with us AND you save 70% or more on every type and brand of contact lens.

We Know You Care, but ACTION is what is needed to SAVE the PLANET. We are couting on you, and the compassion and caring of Canadians to help us get the word out, to grow and to give away thousands of dollars to the most important non-profit organizations in Canada and the world.

We ask of YOU to use any means necessary, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. to help spread the word. Together we can achieve anything.

January 2018 Group of the Month

Human Trafficking in Canada It's easy to imagine human trafficking as involving women smuggled from some unknown foreign country. What most Canadians don't know is that 94% of human trafficking victims in Canada are also Canadians. Additionally, 93% of human trafficking victims are female.  Majority of them are extremely young, with nearly half being between…
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December 2017 Video of the Month

Our CEO is back to talk about our featured charity this month, our company growth, and why it's good for you to shop with Contacts For Less. Meet Our Group of the Month Equitas is one of the most recognized and active human rights education organizations in Canada.  They work to advance equality, social justice,…
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October 2017 Video of the Month

Children and teenagers growing up alongside problems such as domestic violence, poverty, identity issues, etc. need a mentor more than anyone else, and left to their own devices, may not get one. Meet Our Group of the Month Our featured group this month, Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada, carefully matches them with just the right…
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September 2017 Video of the Month

2,000 people commit suicide worldwide everyday. How do you know if someone close to you is considering suicide? What can you do to help prevent suicide? We cover these questions and more in our 4-minute video this month.   Very Short Summary (In which amazing details are missing that you'll have to get by watching…
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August 2017 Video of the Month

Hot, isn't it?  Our video for August will cool you right off!  (Well, no, not really, but at least you'll be entertained for a while.) Our latest message comes directly from our CEO, Paul Slusher. Short Recap (Really short--you'll have to get the details from our awesome video above!): 1. Contest to Win A FREE $500…
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April 2017 Video of the Month

We're back... with more exciting news and promos in our latest monthly video! Here's a quick peek at what we've got in store for you: 1. Contact Lens Online Price Comparison wherein we show you with sample figures and cute pictures how you save more with us 2. Contest to Win A FREE $200 Worth of Contact…
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World Wildlife Fund March 2017

Group of the Month: WWF March 4 is World Wildlife Day and so this month we have picked the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) as our group of the month. Like always, you can save 70% or more on your contact lenses and like always, you can pick any group to whom we give 51% of…
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