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November 2017 Group of the Month: Adoption Council of Canada

Adoption Council of Canada

Children need homes. They need love, they need hugs! The sad reality is that many children are without families and cannot get all the love, support, and life they wish to have. But this is where The Adoption Council of Canada comes in!

Meet Our Group of the Month

Our featured group this month, The Adoption Council of Canada, helps kids find the right families.

From the Adoption Council of Canada’s website:

The mission of the ACC, while broadly serving the entire adoption community of adopted persons, birth families, and adoptive families, focuses on three main objectives:

  • To raise awareness about the number of children available for adoption in Canada’s child welfare system, and to facilitate programs that will promote the placement of waiting children in permanent loving families.
  • To connect with provincial adoption agencies and organizations and support them in our common goals, by assisting them in communicating with government and the private sector about their specific provincial challenges.
  • To recognize and promote the need for post-adoption supports for all members of the adoption community. The ACC strongly believes that education, communication and connection to medical, social, psychological and educational resources are essential in ensuring the success and longevity of adoptive family relationships.

Mission and Values

The ACC is also the number one resource for current Canadian adoption news, publications, educational resources, events and provincial links.

The ACC believes in demonstrating consideration and respect for all members of the adoption constellation, and in the fundamental right of all persons to have open access to records and to their birth history.

Don’t Miss Our Video of the Month

Check out our video this month about The Adoption Council of Canada, featuring our CEO Paul W. Slusher, and his adorable daughter Amira:

And remember, is the only website in Canada that lets you:

  • Order your contact lens online
  • Save 70% or more on low prices
  • Donates 51% of net profits to the charity YOU choose!
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Radio Interview #1: The Story Behind Contacts For Less

Here’s the story behind the little contact lens company that gives away 51% of every dollar you spend to charity.

How, why, and where are we going with this?

Listen to find out all this and more in the interview with our CEO, Paul Slusher, on Pulse FM Radio:

P. S. Catch the next interview with our CEO next month on Pulse FM!  Watch this space.


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Buying Contact Lenses Online

Paul W. Slusher Gives Advice on Contact Lenses

Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Contacts Online

Our CEO and Founder, Paul W. Slusher, has tons of information for all of you who buy your contacts online. He talks about how you can save money and time by not making costly mistakes. He talks about importers and contact lenses that may damage your eye.

Take Paul’s Advice

We recommend that all contact lens wearers watch this video. It is very informative and may even prevent you from doing serious damage to your vision and to the surface of your eye. Have a question? Then simply go to our Contact Us Page and let us know. We love to hear from our customers all over Canada.

Posted on Grows 315% in 2016

two hands holding planet earth

2016 Annual Report for

(Press Release)

New Westminster, BC – February 24, 2017 – announced today that its Canadian-owned contact lens website grew 315% in Total Sales Revenue for 2016 and an astounding 1,641% between January 2014 to December 2016. is a Canadian online contact lens website that is the first in the world to donate 51% of its net profits to the non-profit organization that the contact lens buyer chooses. The website currently has 55 of the top non-profits and charities in its donation list, ranging from such well-known groups as Greenpeace, the Sea Shepherd Society, Doctors Without Borders, The World Wildlife Fund, Save the Children and many more. also spends a large majority of its outreach budget just sharing articles and information related to global issues like child hunger, the effects of war, environmental destruction and human suffering. Owner, Founder and CEO Paul W. Slusher commented “When I came up with the idea for back in 2010, I knew we were the first to do this – to combine great products, great prices, great service with a total commitment to helping our planet and helping people. There is no doubt in my mind that we will take over at least 20-30% of the Canadian contact lens market in the next few years.”

Slusher went on to add “We are seeing our website grow into a real force in the Canadian contact lens market mainly through our customers spreading the word about us.” He explained that their marketing budget has been “on a shoestring from day one and yet customers are coming to us organically every single day.”

When asked how is able to donate 51% of its net profits and still be a profitable company, Slusher maintains that it comes down to a having a small, dedicated team “who are more focused on making sure this company grows over making personal profits.” admits that although its levels of donations are still small, having donated $3,840 in 2016, Slusher comments that “the majority of those donations happened in the last quarter of 2016, when our sales volume really started to expand.” The company estimates that donations in 2017 may exceed $20,000 or more and perhaps even in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year within five years or less. As Slusher comments “When a customer is faced with two options, one company that makes millions of dollars of profit and another which gives 51% of its profits to helping save our planet, which one are they going to pick?”

The Top 10 Non-Profits at in 2016 were:

  1. Save the Children
  2. Global Fund for Women
  3. Doctors Without Borders
  4. Ecojustice
  5. One Laptop Per Child
  6. Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Canada
  7. Women for Women International
  8. World Wildlife Fund Canada
  10. Humane Society of Canada and CEO Paul W. Slusher can be reached at: or by calling 1-855-909-2772

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Founders: “Help Save Our Planet!”

“We are the first company in the world to do what we are doing, providing over half of our profits to the non-profit that the buyer chooses. We are taking a stand that doing business can be much more than just a process of making money. It can be about sharing, sustaining and helping others.

51% of every dollar of profit goes to one of over 40 non-profits because if we don’t take care of our Planet – who will?

You have my personal guarantee that when you support – you are truly supporting an entirely new way of doing business, with compassion and concern for others at the very forefront of what we do.”

Paul Signature ver2

— Paul W. Slusher, Owner, Founder & CEO of

Save Money. Save the Planet.

 We Donate – YOU Decide Where…

  • We donate 51% of our profits to help Save the Planet
  • Canadians save 70% or MORE on contact lenses
  • Connect our buyers with great non-profit organizations
  • Educate the public while we help save them money

There is no one in the world doing this. Yes, there are some great companies who give back, who educate and promote great ideas. But no one has ever given the power of the donation directly to you – the buyer – like

In addition, no one has ever promised to reach the 51% of profits donation level before either. We are the very first and yes – we are a proud, 100% Canadian owned and operated company.

We couldn’t make it any easier.

1. You pick the contact lenses you want to buy.

2. You pick the organization that you want a portion of our profits to go to.

3. You wait a few days for your contact lenses to arrive at your home.

…and your purchase helps the planet!

We believe represents the future, the future of how companies should operate and hopefully the future of what customers will come to expect from the companies they buy from.

We have created a way for the profits generated from selling contact lenses to be used to empower those organizations fighting to save our Planet. We have created a website that still provides great products at the lowest prices, but also plugs the consumer who is interested into issues and organizations that matter, that are at the front lines for global change.

In the end, our legacy as a company might be further-reaching than just being another contact lens website. Our legacy might be that we changed the model of how companies do business.

climate change actionNo other company even comes close in fact. To see all of the groups that we send our profits to: please click here.

Here is a small sample:

+ The David Suzuki Foundation
+ Amnesty International
+ Human Rights Watch
+ Doctors Without Borders
+ Save the Children
+ World Wildlife Fund

If you want to save money on your contact lenses AND help save the planet at the same time – there is NO OTHER WEBSITE like ours. When you buy your contacts with, you are telling the world, the marketplace that it matters to you where you spend your money.  You are voting for a world in which all companies will hopefully contribute a portion of their profits to the saving our wonderful Planet.

Make your voice heard and buy your contact lenses today. It is so easy.  It’s just like what our motto says:


Save money on Contact Lenses. Save the Planet.

Posted on’s Global Fund for Women Video Message!

The Global Fund for Women

Global Fund for Women

The Global Fund for Women supports women’s rights across the globe.

Our group of the month here at is The Global Fund for Women.  We truly believe that women should have gender equality across the globe. This goes from women being able to work, to even choosing who they want to marry. We are so close, yet still so far. This is why this wonderful group exists. Watch the video below to hear what our CEO, Paul W. Slusher, has to say about this wonderful group. And remember! 51% of our profits will be donated to this group as default for the month of May 2016! And of course, you can always choose one of the 50+ groups available to pick from!



The Global Fund for Women was founded in Palo Alto California by three bold women: Anne Firth Murray, Founding President, Frances Kissling, and Laura Lederer. The three were convinced that women’s human rights and dignity were essential to the advancement of global agendas for social, economic, and political change. Frustrated by traditional philanthropy’s lack of interest in funding women’s groups and human rights, they forged a new path, founding an organization that would fund women-led organizations directly.

To connect with their website, please click here.

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Big news for You, Us, and the Planet!

Thanks a bunch

News Update: We have grown over 650% in the past year!

Help protect the planetHere at, we work hard every single day to spread the message of our mission: sell contact lenses at 70% OFF or more, and we give 51% of OUR profits to non-profit organisations around the world that help save the planet. So what is this Big News?

Like the title says, since March of 2015, we have grown over 650%!

Yes that’s right!! That means that while you save money, groups that help the world receive more of OUR money! We are proud to be able to support causes that help our planet and, ultimately, help our future generations, too! So you see – our hard work has been proven to be fruitful for all parties this year!

From all of us at, THANK YOU! Thanks for supporting us, the causes we support, and for being awesome, caring people!

And if you have ordered from us in the past – let us know how we did. Did we make you happy? Did we get it right? What could we improve upon? Let us know, we really want to hear from you!

  • Please know that we may post your comments on our website and/or in our social media. We love to share all the positive reviews we get from our amazing customers!