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This category of the blog covers interesting topics regarding interesting stuff about the planet. The issues categorized within this tag pertain to ContactForLess’ goal of helping save the planet by spreading useful information and news about our planet.

How to Choose Colored Contact Lenses Online

Ever wondered how you would look with different-colored eyes?  How about a mysterious gray?  Maybe a brilliant blue, or a sweet honey brown would be fun to try!  And if you're happy with your eye color, maybe you want to jazz things up a bit by emphasizing the depth or size of your eyes. (Psst...…
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Don’t Forget Your Eyes This Summer

Going on a trip this summer? It's the perfect time for it--lazy afternoons on the beaches, sunny walks on cobbled roads, new faces and places. Don't forget to pack for your eyes! You won't have much fun exploring if you can't see past your nose. Contact lenses Got travel-friendly contact lenses? Daily disposables are the…
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Valentine’s Day Sale February 12 – 14

Valentine's Day Sale - Three Days ONLY Feb 12, 13 & 14 - Save Up To $50 On Your Contact Lens Order Right Now! (coupon codes below)   [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]   ❤ It's the season for love and we love coupons! Get hearty discounts on everything site-wide with these lovely codes, only until…
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Midweek Sale Jan 23 – 25

Are you ready for Midweek Madness, Canada? Get a fabulous discount on your contact lenses online for just 3 short days! Limited Time Coupon Codes MIDWEEK$10 Save $10 plus FREE shipping for purchases $110 and up MIDWEEK$20 Save $20 plus FREE shipping for purchases $200 and up MIDWEEK$50 Save $50 plus FREE shipping for purchases…
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Understanding Your Cart

Wondering why your cart looks the way it does? 1. Your cart Here's what your cart layout looks like. 2. Product Header This tells you: The product line ordered The prescription you put in for this product (this is a great time to double-check that it's correct!  If it's wrong, please delete it and reorder…
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How To Order Contact Lenses Online

- Expand All -  + Collapse All + Ordering contacts online for the first time? Don't be scared! It's simple, we promise. Here's our step-by-step guide. (Already have a previous completed order you just want to repeat?  Click here.) Step 1: What product? Select the product you need from the dropdown menu at the top…
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January 2018 Group of the Month

Human Trafficking in Canada It's easy to imagine human trafficking as involving women smuggled from some unknown foreign country. What most Canadians don't know is that 94% of human trafficking victims in Canada are also Canadians. Additionally, 93% of human trafficking victims are female.  Majority of them are extremely young, with nearly half being between…
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