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Environmental preservation is the strict setting aside of natural resources to prevent the use or contact by humans or by human intervention. In terms of policy making this often means setting aside areas as nature reserves (otherwise known as wildlife reserves), parks, or other conservation areas. This category within the ContactsForLess.ca blog contains useful information regarding environmental preservation to help save our planet.

February 2017 Video of the Month

Erika Tajiri, our wonderful spokesperson, is back again this month. What does she have this month for you? Well, first off there is this video (see below): and what is in store for you when you watch our February Video of the Month? On top of being charmed to the top of your head by…
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Catching Up With Ecojustice

With the month of July behind us, we wanted to take a closer look at what Ecojustice, our group of the month, had been up to, and their most recent case has got us absolutely buzzing! Just two weeks ago, Ecojustice filed a lawsuit targeting the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) and their unlawful registration…
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Ecojustice video with Erika Taijiri

Learn about Ecojustice in our new video Meet our new spokesperson, Erika Taijiri! She's here today to talk about our Group of the Month, Ecojustice. Listen to what Erika has to say about Ecojustice and learn how you can support them by purchasing your contacts through us! You can also read our blog about Ecojustice…
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10 Cool Facts About Sharks for Shark Week

Shark Week is  de-fin-nitely Jawsome! Sharks are amazing, beautiful creatures. Unfortunately, they have a bad reputation which is very misleading. These slick creatures who are part of our ecosystem are pretty cool and beneficial to our planet! We have put a list of 10 cool facts about the shark that might give you another perspective on the…
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Ecojustice Takes the Stand

The Biggest Battles Happen in the Courtroom Most of us do our part to help the environment by doing things like recycling or carpooling, and that’s awesome! But who fights the good fight when the problem isn’t a stray soda can or dripping faucet, but instead a corrupt corporation, big industry, or even our own government?…
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ContactsforLess.ca News Update for April 2016

Watch our April 2016 News Update video below!   In this April 2016 News update video: Iran executes children, tropical fish are caught illegally and are killing coral reefs, and trees can prevent dangerous flooding.   We know you care about the planet! Watch the video below to learn about a few issues that currently are…
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The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society & its Cause

50,000 whales were killed since 1986. That’s almost 5 whales everyday. Murdered for profit over the past 30 years. How is this still a THING? Someone has to do something. Despite the ban on commercial whaling (hunting for commercial profit) in many countries, Japan, Norway, and Iceland still continue to brutally spear our marine friends.…
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