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This category of the blog covers interesting topics regarding energy and resources. The issues categorized within this tag pertain to ContactForLess’ goal of helping save the planet by spreading useful information and news about our planet.

Fall Sale 2018

Time for hoodies, colorful autumn leaves, and crisp breezes!   Guess what else it's time for? Our exciting fall sale! Watch our prices FALL--get amazing discounts on your favorite products, only for a limited time! Remember, our coupons stack with the sale prices!  So shop now and SAVE!  
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February 2017 Video of the Month

Erika Tajiri, our wonderful spokesperson, is back again this month. What does she have this month for you? Well, first off there is this video (see below): and what is in store for you when you watch our February Video of the Month? On top of being charmed to the top of your head by…
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The Best Way to Buy Contact Lenses online for Canada

Purchase your contact lenses online, save BIG! Hey Canada! If you're looking to purchase your contact lenses, look no further! You've found the BEST place! Not only can you save 70% or more on your contacts, but we are the very first website in the world to give away 51% of its profits to the…
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Why Air Pollution Is Causing More Deaths Every Year In Developing Countries

Over 5.5 million deaths occur every single year in countries such as India, China, and other nations considered “developing”. Let us repeat - over 5.5 million deaths occur in a year. Shocking, we know, but what is worse is that because they are still “developing” countries, there may be more additional factors introduced in the future…
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OneChild Canada

We have chosen OneChild Canada as our December group of the month for their work in eliminating child sexual exploitation. This youth-driven and youth-run non-for-profit takes a rights-based approach to deal with the abolition of child sexual exploitation. OneChild Canada believes that young people hold a tremendous power to change the world, presented with the right tools…
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Carnival Cruise Line Wants You To Save the Planet

  Carnival Corp is a well-known mainstay of the cruise market. But tropical cruises are for old people, right? Carnival is looking to change this image. Looking to appeal to the younger, socially conscious millennial bracket, they’ve come up with a more ethically appealing option in Fathom, catering to the volunteer vacation market. Social impact…
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Optometry Giving Sight – September 2015 Group of the Month

Optometry Giving Sight | September Group of the Month For the month of September 2015, Optometry Giving Sight has been selected to be our highlighted group of the month. Each month, we specially hand pick one of the non-profit organizations within the list of organizations that we donate to. You, the customer, gets to choose…
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