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How to buy contact lenses online in Canada

Buy your contacts online in smart way Canada!

Beware Hubble Contact Lenses OnlineThere are issues to be concerned about when buying contacts online. Such as “Grey Market” (overseas market) importers selling unauthorized products, there is the issue of “fit” and “shape” of the lens. There are issues related to the health of your eye and even concerns about how to NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

Here is our Owner & CEO, Paul W. Slusher – back by popular demand. This video pretty much hits all the main concerns you will have about buying contact lenses online, here in Canada or anywhere else really.

Our CEO means what he says

When Paul W. Slusher speaks about “buying online” in a smart way – he means it. Many people guess at what product to buy without being properly advised by their optometrist. Instead they take a chance. This could do serious damage to your eye and could also be a huge waste of money. Once you open up a box of contact lenses, you won’t get a refund. So be smart Canada!

We are here to do it the right way

At, we are 100% dedicated to selling contact lenses in the right way, the ethical way. We guarantee each contact lens purchase, so that we can say that each and every contact lens customer is protected. We donate our profits and we make sure we offer the cheapest contact lens prices in Canada. When we say “cheap”, we mean we try to keep our prices as low as we can afford. If we make more money as a company, we WILL lower our prices. So your support of our company is critical to us being able to beat the big corporate giants on price AND service.

To see our amazing 96% Positive Google Customer Rating (the highest rated contact lens website in Canada), please click here.

Have a question or a comment? Feel free to contact us. We love to hear from our customers.

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Beware some online contact lens websites in Canada

buy contact lenses online canada

Beware: Grey Market Contact Lenses Are Being Sold in Canada

Yes! Beware some of the contact lens websites in Canada. There are grave concerns about how and where they get their contact lenses. Even the manufacturers, like Johonson & Johnson, Alcon, Cooper and Baush Lomb are fighting to keep things safe and above-board.

Some online contact lens websites in Canada are not authorized sellers of contact lenses. This should concern you as a buyer of contacts online! As the Canadian Association of Optometrists warns “Overseas distribution channels may have grey market (counterfeit) product. There are no controls to ensure that Internet sites source lenses directly from the manufacturer.” What does this mean to you? It means you might be buying from and supporting companies that maybe you should not. Avoid buying from companies that care more about profits and money than they do quality and your experience as an online customer.

Beware some online sellers in Canada

This means that some websites may be buying their contact lenses from places like China, Vietnam, India, The Philippines or other nations where false or counterfeit contacts can be produced and distributed here in Canada. Moreover, the quality controls in other nations are sorely lacking. In other words, some Canada-based websites deal in “grey market” lenses to make more profit. It really is THAT simple. They sell products that have brand names such as Acuvue, Biofinity, Air Optix, Dailies Aquacomfort Plus or whatever on the outside. However they may be overseas, expired lenses, from third party sources or possibly worse. No one can be sure when they come from other nations with weaker quality controls.

Contact lens manufacturers are doing their part!

These manufacturers are NOT to blame, in fact they are doing their jobs properly. The company that produces the famous Acuvue brand (Johnson & Johnson), as well as Alcon (makers of Air Optix, Dailies and more) as well as Coopervision and Bausch & Lomb work tirelessly to shut down unethical sellers. However, it is overseas, unauthorized producers and the online sites here in Canada who are putting these “grey market” products into your hands. Beware, because this could be a serious issue! Using the right products by the actual manufacturer is critically important!

Who are these sites?

You would be very surprised which sites are engaging in unethical “grey market” contact lens distribution. We know who many of them are, but we won’t tell you for fear of expensive and debilitating lawsuits from them in order to shut us up. We wish we could call them out by name. Why don’t we? Because we are a small, humble, ethical company that cannot afford the legal bills that would be required when they sue us to shut us up. This is one way larger and/or more aggressive companies keep smaller, ethical companies like ourselves silent.

Some contact lens sites are lying to you

In fact some of these sites even falsely claim to be “authorized” resellers. However many are not. How can this be? Sadly, such unethical actions are not yet illegal here in Canada or in any of the provinces. Since British Columbia de-regulated the sale of online contact lenses, the nation now can have access to legitimate, safe and affordable contact lenses from the established manufacturers. However, without a nation-wide push to expose companies who are third party, grey market sellers, these websites will continue selling to unsuspecting customers.

What can you do?

Make sure you always buy your contacts lenses from authorized contact lens sellers, such as,, Costco and a few others. If you are not sure, stick to the main sites like those mentioned above to ensure you are not supporting “grey market” sellers. If you buy from authorized sellers like us, you will starve out those operating “below the margin”.

Always remember that from day 1 – has been as ethical, honest and transparent as possible. We have NEVER engaged in “grey market” or “counterfeit” contact lens sales. But what makes even BETTER than the rest is that we donate 51% of our net profits. No one does that but us. No one! and have ALWAYS given away 51% (or more) of all net profits to help save the planet. Not one other company can make that claim.

Stay ethical and safe. Always buy your contact lenses with and be sure you are doing the right thing for yourself, for Canada, and the World.


To learn more about what the Canadian Association of Optometrists says about this, please click here.

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New! GEO Circle Lenses

buy coloured contact lenses online free shipping


Introducing our newest cosmetic lenses:  GEO circle lenses from award-winning company GEO Medical.

What are circle lenses?

Circle lenses are extra-wide contact lenses that make the eye appear larger for cosmetic purposes.  While normal lenses are only tinted in the areas covering the iris, circle lenses have an extra dark tint around the outer ring of the lens.  This creates the illusion of atractively larger eyes.

Circle lenses have gained tremendous popularity in Asia. Close to a million girls in Japan, Korea and Taiwan, for instance, are now wearing circle lenses for cosmetic purposes.

Get GEO circle lenses for that gorgeous doe-eyed look.  These lenses blend 3 hues together to give you big, striking eyes that ensure everyone looks twice.

GEO lenses are currently available in bestseller colors gray, green, and brown.  More colors and powers coming soon!

Get big, beautiful eyes with GEO circle lenses now!