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New! GEO Circle Lenses

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Introducing our newest cosmetic lenses:  GEO circle lenses from award-winning company GEO Medical.

What are circle lenses?

Circle lenses are extra-wide contact lenses that make the eye appear larger for cosmetic purposes.  While normal lenses are only tinted in the areas covering the iris, circle lenses have an extra dark tint around the outer ring of the lens.  This creates the illusion of atractively larger eyes.

Circle lenses have gained tremendous popularity in Asia. Close to a million girls in Japan, Korea and Taiwan, for instance, are now wearing circle lenses for cosmetic purposes.

Get GEO circle lenses for that gorgeous doe-eyed look.  These lenses blend 3 hues together to give you big, striking eyes that ensure everyone looks twice.

GEO lenses are currently available in bestseller colors gray, green, and brown.  More colors and powers coming soon!

Get big, beautiful eyes with GEO circle lenses now!


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Introducing Biofinity Energys

According to the 2017 Q1 Nielsen Total Audience report, the average adult in North America spends 11 hours and 18 minutes everyday staring at a screen–computer monitors, smartphones, tablets, TVs, etc.

Spending the majority of your waking hours staring at digital screens can have a noticeable effect on your eyes. You tend to blink less when using digital devices, which interferes with the body’s natural system for keeping your eyes moist. You can also get eye strain from closely focusing on digital media too long.

Introducing a new contact lens from CooperVision created specifically for digital users:

Biofinity Energys contact lens online Canada

Biofinity Energys

The Biofinity Energys contact lens utilizes a new design called Digital Zone Optics™. The lens features multiple front-surface aspheric curves across the entire optic zone. These curves reduce eye strain as the wearer constantly switches focus from the close-up digital screen to something farther away, and back.

The lens also incorporates a second piece of proprietary CooperVision technology called Aquaform™. It binds water to the lens, aiming to increase breathability, moisture, and softness.

“There’s no reason for eye tiredness and dryness to be the ‘new normal’ for the millions of contact lens wearers who are looking at screens throughout the day,” says CooperVision senior director Dr. Michele Andrews. “Trying to change people’s behaviors by asking them to scale back their digital device use or change how they interact with screens has limited value.”

Most people should be able to ask for a contact lens fitting for Biofinity Energys from their optometrists.  Users with astigmatism and presbyopia will have a longer wait, as CooperVision is still working on the differing designs for those.

This new offering in the contact lens market should come as a welcome surprise to users in this digital age who wish to avoid dry or strained eyes.