Alicia Currie is happy to have made the switch from a competitor!
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Alicia Currie was impressed with our service!

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Alicia Currie, Somewhere in Canada!

Customer feedback given through e-mail;

I’m not going to lie, I was very hesitant at first to order off of your site. I’ve ordered my contacts off of Clearly Contacts for the last 7 years. At first they were competitive but when I switched to daily contacts I did some price comparisons. Contacts For Less did have my contacts for less 🙂 The first time I heard of Contacts For Less was through Google.

When I first placed my order I wasn’t aware of the potential mail strike. I was worried my contacts were going to be to “lost” in the mail for a while and I was going to be stuck wearing my glasses! And that’s not very fun on a nice sunny day. I was so relieved when I seen you temporarily switched from shipping Canada Post to FedEx. I usually have to wait 2 weeks for my contacts but with you it was less than a week. I’m a very happy customer and you can count on me to be a loyal one 🙂 Keep up the awesome work!

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